Welcome to Theatrical Business Manager

Advisor: Karen Howarth

Goals/Objectives: Tickets-Order and organize ticket sales for the spring musical. Recruit students to assist in ticket sales and ushering. Each member is issued a minimum of 20 tickets to sell two weeks prior to the show. Although it is not required to sell all twenty, they will receive recognition for those they do sell.

Publicity-Organize student committee for ad drive and produce the playbill/ad book and program. Send flyers to Northfield, Linwood, and Somers Point communities (bulk mail) and have flyers ready for distribution on Parents Night. Design posters in consultations with director, and arrange for distribution. Send newspaper releases, radio/television announcements.

Budget-Plan with the director the budget for the spring musical. Keep the records for the Drama Club.

Production-Assist the director by coordinating drama staff, cast, and crew for costumes and set construction due dates. Assist the director and stage crew manager with set construction design. Attend and supervise at least two rehearsals per week in consultation with director and other drama staff members.


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