Welcome to Drama

Advisor: Judy Cline / Becky Sannino

Goals/Objectives: To build self-confidence by performing. To teach working as a group to perform successfully and to view professional performances. The Club has election of officers; in September- preparation for Lip Sync; in November-auditions for school play.

Philosophy: To maintain a professional, well-structured activity, the Drama Club expects the following responsibilities to be met by the students Lip-Sync: members must participate in preparation and /or perform Ad Drive: members must sell at least two ads or ten patrons for contact renewals Comedy Night: members must attend this activity. There will be a sign-in sheet Dance: members must participate in preparation for the dance. There will also be a sign-in sheet to keep a record of their attendance.

Activities: Activities begin in September and continue through June. Members will prepare for the major activities listed above. During the play/musical season, members will meet 5 days a week to rehearse. Also, during the year there are two field trips to see live performances and two workshops. These allow the students additional hands-on experiences.

Number of meetings: on an as need basis.


1301 Oak Ave. Linwood, NJ 08221
P: (609) 927 4151 F: (609) 927-1942