Welcome to Ecology

Advisor: Jenna Lentini

Goals/Objectives: To provide a forum for student to become aware of environmental concerns such as policy and laws which dictate environmental quality, voting ethics for environmental issues; decision making skills in sensitive areas; interaction with other clubs, colleges, etc.; love of nature; taking responsibility for nature or improving its conditions. This club will be non-class oriented and open to everyone. There will be a focus on recycling and reducing waste in our school. Members will be encouraged to participate in a student run recycling program. The advisor will provide the activities for the year, which will include workshops and conferences at local colleges, and clean-up projects. These conferences/workshops are career oriented. Periodically, videos of contemporary issues are viewed/discussed, such as climate change, hunting ethics, animal rights and bio-ethical decisions. There may be a field trip during the year.

Number of meetings: 1-2 Tuesdays of each month-after school


1301 Oak Ave. Linwood, NJ 08221
P: (609) 927 4151 F: (609) 927-1942