Welcome to Hoofprints/Stang Sports

Advisor: TBA

Goals/Objectives: To inform students and the school community of Mainland’s activities and to further interest in journalism. Hoofprints is the school newspaper. The newspaper needs editors, writers, typists, sales people and photographers. There are times when a writer/photographer will need to attend an outside school function to report on. The advisor attends all meetings; edits all articles as to proper content; brings paper to printer and organizes sale of newspapers.

The By-Laws for Hoofprints are:
Each editor must work a minimum of 12 hours on each issue
Each editor may miss no more than 1 Brainstorm meeting
Editors are responsible for editing article as directed by the Advisor/Editor-in-Chief
Editors are expected to see newspaper on morning of the sales
Editors are to report any writer who is consistently late with articles to the advisor

Number of meetings: approximately 2-3 times weekly


1301 Oak Ave. Linwood, NJ 08221
P: (609) 927 4151 F: (609) 927-1942