Welcome to Key Club

Advisor: Jen Makowski

Goals/Objectives: To encourage students to take an active part in the community. The Key club is a service club. Student participants receive points for: attending meetings (1 pt); 1 hour of donating time (service)=(1 pt). The more points a member earns goes toward special event trips.

The students donate time for events such as the Peanut Drive for Kiwanis, visiting children at the Rescue Mission, raising money for the pediatric trauma center, and working at the Shore Memorial Hospital Horse Show. At the end of every year, the club participates in an enjoyable basketball tournament with the Kiwanis Club members.

Number of meetings: twice monthly


1301 Oak Ave. Linwood, NJ 08221
P: (609) 927 4151 F: (609) 927-1942