Welcome to Marching Band, Band Front, Winter Guard

Advisor: Marc Spatz

Goals/Objectives: Marching Band -To provide an opportunity to perform in the various musical activities. The marching band participates in parades, at football games, and at band competitions.
Band Front-To provide an opportunity for students to participate with the marching band in a non-musical capacity, such as: flags, dance, etc. To enhance the overall general effect to the band, and band shows.
Number of meetings: approximately 15 monthly (summer/fall)
Winter Guard

Advisor: Heather Barnes

This activity, open to both males and females, demands physical involvement in rehearsal and performance including sequential body movement and choreography both with and without flags. Many members of the Winter Guard are also members of the Color Guard the visual aspect of the Marching Band. The Winter Guard season runs from January through March. The purpose of the Winter Guard is to strive for excellence, develop teamwork, and to entertain at the highest performance level. Thus, the indoor guard opportunity is a blend of that produces “The Sport of the Arts”.


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