Welcome to NJ Drama & Forensic League (NJDFL)

Advisors: Becky Sannino / Phil Hopf

Goals/Objectives: Students who choose to participate in “Forensics” or competitive speaking can plan to meet for sessions to brainstorm topics and literary/dramatic material toward their individual/due/debate events. More importantly, the time will be spent in shaping, coaching and strengthening their speeches, readings, and dramatizations. The goal will always be, as stated in the National Forensic League description, to become proficient in the forensic arts; debate, public speaking and interpretation... Along with preparation and practice, students will travel and compete in some district contests. This might not be as extensive this first year for the students need to be educated and seasoned for more active competition. Students can train in 1-12 events.

Specific Objectives: An annual summer competition will be a goal of the district participants.

Number of meetings: three times a month


1301 Oak Ave. Linwood, NJ 08221
P: (609) 927 4151 F: (609) 927-1942