World Language

The study of a world language provides students with many skills that are useful in all areas of life. By learning a second language, students will develop a better understanding of English grammar and vocabulary, which can help them earn higher SAT scores. In addition, students who become proficient in a second language have a wide variety of job opportunities not available to monolingual individuals. Studying another language helps students to appreciate ideas, traditions, foods, and customs that would normally be considered foreign and strange, which in turn helps to open their minds to new ideas, think critically about their own habits, and better appreciate other cultures, as well as their own. Most importantly, studying a second language helps build cross-cultural understanding, widens students’ perspectives, and helps to prepare students to participate in a global economy. Even just one year of a world language can help open students’ eyes to the world beyond their hometown, and students who commit to four or more years of study will gain many skills and job opportunities that are not otherwise available.

In an increasingly global economy, individuals who are proficient in multiple languages will be significantly more competitive candidates for job opportunities.



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