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COVID-19 Information

Beginning on Monday, March 7, 2022, MRHS plans to make the wearing of face coverings/masks optional for students, faculty, staff and visitors, which is in line with the end of New Jersey's mask mandate in schools. 

  • The District reserves the right to require masks in response to a school-based outbreak or significant rise in COVID-19 cases in our region ( i.e. "Very High" on the COVID-19 Activity Index). If either of the aforementioned happens, face coverings/masks will only be required for a specified period of time with an identified end date. 
  • Students identified as being symptomatic for COVID-19 and/or ill in the High School will be required to wear a mask prior to being picked up by a parent/guardian.
  • Masks will be required for unvaccinated household close contacts, COVID-19 symptomatic, and COVID-19 positive students, faculty, and staff returning on day 6 through day 10 after isolating/quarantining for 5 days.


The District will not tolerate harassment, intimidation, bullying, and/or disrespect directed towards or about individuals who elect to continue wearing a face covering/mask in school.


Furthermore, even though the District is making face coverings/masks optional, DO NOT send sick or symptomatic students to school.


Helpful Information for Students & Families

Please remember...


  • Wear a mask Wear a well-fitted mask that covers the mouth and nostrils.
    Please make sure that each student comes to school with a well-fitted mask.
  • Socially distance  Students, staff, and faculty are most vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19 when unmasked, which most often happens during Unit Lunch. There is enough space throughout the High School to social distance while eating
  • VaccinateThe District encourages all eligible individuals to get fully vaccinated, which now includes getting a booster shot if eligible, but understands that vaccinations are a personal decision.



STAY HOME if Sick -or- if exposed to COVID-19

Regardless of vaccination status, if a student or staff is not feeling well and experiences COVID-compatible symptoms, do NOT attend school.

If you believe your student has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or has been identified as a close contact, the student should NOT attend school, and please contact our Health Office for further guidance.

For more information, consult your doctor &/or reference guidance from the CDC and NJDOH (updated 2/22/2022).


Any Questions, please CONTACT our HEALTH OFFICE :



Families, Thank You for your help!

You can help protect your family from COVID-19 by practicing and promoting everyday healthy habits.
  • Practice and reinforce good prevention habits with your family (like symptom monitoring, washing hands, social distancing, disinfecting, wearing face masks, etc.)
  • Keep your child at home if sick with any symptoms or illness
  • Keep track of school updates; confirm your Infinite Campus info
  • Discourage students from gathering in other public places to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in the community
  • Be prepared if school is temporarily dismissed
If a student is required to quarantine due to having a confirmed case of COVID-19, being identified as a “close contact,” and/or because of travel, how will the student receive daily instruction?
    • If a student(s) is required to quarantine due to having a confirmed case of COVID-19, being identified as a” close contact,” and/or because of travel, the student will be able to access their classes virtually through Microsoft Teams from home during their quarantine period.
    • This is not a full-time virtual instructional option but rather a short-term solution to ensure students access to their classes and instruction because of mandatory quarantines that are a direct result of COVID-19.
    • Please contact the MRHS Health Office for approval.
Are students that (1) do not come to school, (2) go on vacation, and/or (3) ill, but not COVID-19 related permitted to attend classes virtually?
    • Students that are ill, but not COVID-19 related, on vacation, and/or did not come to school for reasons outside of being diagnosed with COVID-19 or determined to be a “close contact,” are NOT permitted to virtually attend class on the days they do not come to school. 
    • Short-term virtual instruction is ONLY for quarantining students that are (1) diagnosed with COVID-19, (2) determined to be a “close contact, or (3) impacted by a COVID-19 travel restriction.
    • The school nurses will notify teachers which students are on quarantine and permitted to attend classes virtually.  If a student is required to quarantine, the student’s parent/guardian must notify the school nurses and provide proof of need to quarantine. 
    • Again, only quarantining students are eligible to attend classes virtually during their assigned quarantine period, although all absent students can get assignments and information through Microsoft Teams.  Please contact the MRHS Health Office for approval.

Why is the District not permitting all absent students access to their classes virtually?

    • The District is required to make accommodations for quarantining students and is expected to provide full-time in-person instruction at the High School. 
    • Permitting students to attend classes virtually for reasons outside of quarantine creates additional attendance issues, interrupts planned instruction, and provides a level of flexibility regarding attending school to students that can be abused and can be perceived as condoning missing in-person instruction, which is contrary to full time in-person instruction.