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Jump Start with ACCC

     Since many MRHS graduates go to Atlantic Cape Community College (ACCC), we have set up a one-stop program with ACCC called Jump Start. Several other Atlantic County high schools have a similar program. In February, MRHS takes students to Atlatnic Cape Community college for a presentation and tour of campus. In April, students will take the ACCUPLACER placement test unless they have scored at least 540-Verbal and 530-Math on the SAT. This test determines students' readiness to take college-level classes. They will return for a final visit in May with the results of the ACCUPLACER. It's at this meeting that students will pick their courses for their freshmen year at ACCC.

     Seniors should see their school counselors before January to indicate that they are interested in applying to ACCC via the Jump Start Program. Students should submit completed applications and applications fees and request transcripts via Naviance before ACCC arrives in February.

To learn more about ACCC and download an application, visit:

Seniors can visit this link: to prepare for the ACCUPLACER. Visit this site regularly for updates on specific dates and deadlines.