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Drama Club


Members of Drama Club enjoy creating through performance, design and crew!  They attend auditions, rehearsals, stage crew ,  and meetings throughout the school year.  Their goal is to foster creativity, and to share and grow in their appreciation/knowledge of the performing arts. 

Drama Club

  In a typical year, activities include: 

  • Fall Play  
  • Spring Musical 
  • Mainland’s Got Talent 
  • Midwinter Festival 
  • Teen Arts Festival 


 This year, though some of these activities are “on hold”, we have been seeking out new projects, and new ways to carry out old traditions.  With our collective “creative brains”, who knows what new ideas might be launched in 2020-2021!  For example, this year members of Mainland’s Drama Club can earn points which will take them beyond earning a Varsity Letter in Dramatic Arts. Students will now be able to earn points toward being inducted into the  The International Thespian Society (ITS).  This addition to the club will put theatre students ( with both acting and backstage preferences )  in touch with other members throughout the United States.  New contests for all aspects of theatre will be available to us !   We are on the frontier of a new age of performance, and while we await the reopening of theaters everywhere, we must continue to learn and grow as students of the arts! 

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Advisor: Ms. Becky Sannino