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The Story of Abiy Ahmed, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient of 2019
by Hanna Hammoud

There are six various Nobel Prizes awarded each year for honoring outstanding breakthroughs in specific fields of work, ranging from physics, literature, medicine, chemistry, economic science, and world peace movements. The Nobel Peace Prize is the most internationally recognized of these six, established as the award given to “the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies and the formation of spreading peace congresses.” Past recipients of this award include Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, and Barack Obama. This year on October 11th, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed was awarded the 100th Nobel Peace Prize for his great strives in working towards harmony between foreign nations primarily within Africa, Europe, and the Middle East through political reforms and programs in the name of social justice.Abiy Ahmed speaks to a crowd

Abiy Ahmed was born on August 15th, 1976, in Bashasha, Ethiopia. Raised by his parents each having their own religious beliefs, his father a Muslim and his mother a Christian, Ahmed had always understood the importance of diversified culture. When he was just in his early 20s, he began his career in the military during one of the most oppressive and revolutionary political regimes in Africa known as the Derg Regime that reigned from 1974-1987. While serving in the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and received his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in 2001. It was later in his military service that Ahmed was made the Head of the Information Network Security Agency in 2007, which soon launched his entry into politics and world affairs. 

Leaving the military in 2010, Ahmed was elected as a congressional member to the House of People’s Representatives becoming a part of the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO party). During this time he received his masters degree in transformational leadership in 2011 while beginning to advocate and establish his own social justice reforms, such as his government restoration of releasing many political prisoners throughout Africa held for illegal and unfair charges. It was in 2014 that Ahmed was appointed as a member of the official African Parliament in which he was able to effectively start a more international dialogue among the highest-ranking world leaders. He focused on demonstrating peaceful reforms between opposing forces across Africa, specifically regarding the long-lasting conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia. This conflict between the two neighboring countries has lasted since the late 20th century, though continues to quickly decrease in rates of violence and crime mainly due to Ahmed’s chief political actions. One major reason for Ahmed’s success, according to various African journalists, is his unique career, reputation and ethnic background, as well as his lack of baggage in the political world compared to previous Parliament leaders. 

Cartoon drawing of Abiy AhmedOn April 2, 2018, Abiy Ahmed was elected Prime Minister as a very popular candidate and representative for the people of Ethiopia. Even during his short time as Prime Minister so far, Ahmed has already garnered endless support for many of his social movements, such as his majorly politicised event of making a speech apologizing to the population of Eritrea, which was a substantial decision in itself. His declaration of the need to end a “senseless revolution”  marked a significant turning point in the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, one of the primary reasons Abiy Ahmed was rightfully awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019. Around the world, we congratulate Ahmed for his amazing strives in social justice for the population of the African masses, and his unique leadership skills and diplomacy in African and international government.

Investigators have released a photo of a couple that are interests of death. The death of 48-year-old, James Butler, and 46-year-old, Michelle Butler are being investigated as homicides. 

The couple was found in shallow graves on Padre Island, which is near Corpus Christi. The Island is known as “the bowl” for the way the sand dunes form a depression. They were travelling the US since early 2018, but in October they went silent. According to police, the RV and truck they were using to get around the US crossed the US-Mexico border, and neither one was the person driving it. 

The couple was very active on Facebook and loved to post pictures of their adventures for their James and Michelle Butler who were tragically found dead in Texasfriends and family to see. According to the sister of one of the victim's, the couple worked as guards at an oil rig in Texas. According to her, they were most likely planning to drive down to Florida and work part time at a Christmas Tree shop. 

According to James Butlers sister, he was a wonderful man. He retired from the Navy in 2010 and loved to joke about everything. 

Investigators did not make the people driving the R.V official suspects, until now. The investigators knew that who was driving the vehicle must have come into contact with the couple, but now there's a lot more to uncover now. The investigators arrested two people recently, a man, Adam Curtis Williams from Utah, has been arrested for felony theft. A woman, Amanda Noverr, is also in custody and was awaiting deportation from the US, was charged with felony theft as well. 

Ms.Noverr was expected to arrive in Texas on Thursday afternoon, he said. 

A 3-year-old child that was with Mr. Williams and Ms.Noverr is going to be sent back to Texas with Mrs. Noverr, 

Both Mr. Williams and Mrs.Noverr will be held on a 1-million-dollar bond.  

“This begins a longer chapter,” Sheriff Richard Kirkpatrick stated. 

Requests for comment from the Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office were not immediately returned Thursday. 

Authorities believe that Mr. Williams had absconded to Mexico after stealing the truck and the R.V. They said he was seen on surveillance photograph crossing the border with Ms.Noverr. Deputies have declined to provide more information on if the two suspects could be connected to the Butlers. They also have not released details on how the couple was murdered. 

Investigators were able to use cell phone towers to approximate the Butler’s last known location, which led them to a beach Padre Island.

This story has made many people shocked and confused on exactly what is happening and why and how the Butler couple was killed. As of now we don’t know any motive, any reason why the Butlers were where they were, where they were going, or even who killed them. Updates on the murder mystery has been slowing down and I’m sure people are looking for answers on what happened to James and Michelle Butler. Until more news comes forward, America will have to wait and here more on this national murder mystery. 



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Donald Trump has recently been in some trouble. So much trouble that his presidency is being threatened. The Democratic party is trying to impeach Donald TrumpDonald Trump is accused of a high crime. The only way he can be impeached is if he did commit that high crime. 

Impeachment is not always fully understood by people. It starts off with someone accusing the president of a severe wrongdoing. Trump was accused of calling the President of Ukraine and trying to get the Ukrainian president to dig up dirt on Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden is the son of Joe Biden, the top democratic candidate for the next election. Trump, of course, wants to win that election, and Joe Biden stands a very good chance against him, so he was supposedly trying to make Joe Biden look bad so that he could win the presidency. Of course, this is not yet confirmed. We only know that there was a call to Ukraine, Trump even admits that, but we can’t confirm that he had mal intentions. Donald Trump was accused of this by a whistleblower. A whistleblower is the person that says the President did something wrong. The whistleblower’s name can’t be released because if it is, he may be fired from his job because he works for the President.  

President trumpThe House of Representatives is mainly comprised of Democrats. They are the ones that decide if Trump should be put on trial. The Senate will then take over and see if he is innocent. Most likely Trump will go on trial, but then will be found innocent by the Senate. The Senate is mostly comprised of Republicans and unless they find Trump guilty, Trump will not be impeached. If Trump is somehow found guilty, he will be removed from office. The Vice President will then take office and become President.   

Most people know that Trump will most likely not be impeached. Most people even think the whistleblower was lying about what Trump said on the phone. Trump even went on Twitter and posted what he says to be the actual conversation he had with the Ukranian President. However, he may also be lying to try and make himself look innocent. No one really knows what Trump did, and we will have to see how it unravels truly find out. 

Of course, many people do not like Trump. So there is also a possibility that Joe Biden, or the whistleblower, made it up to try and get Donald Trump out of the presidency. Although most likely none of these theories are true. However, they are locking up the evidence of Trump’s call. Some people suspect that this is to hide what Trump actually said. 

          We will all be awaiting for the what the House decides to do with Trump. However, most likely the House will say yes, and the Senate will say no. Donald Trump will most likely not be impeached, but if he did do the crime, then he will be impeached, even if the Senate is mostly Republican.  

Becoming a Navy SEAL is one of the hardest things a person could ever do.  They must go through a year of training camp to become some of the toughest Men in the world.  Only 1% of the people make it through the vigorous boot camp.  There are 5 steps of becoming a Navy SEAL.  1st, go to a recruiter's office and select what you want to go in for.  2nd, Enter your bootcamp training and complete all the tasks.  3rd, is the post bootcamp training (pre-BUD/s) training.  4th, You must complete the Navy SEALs BUD/s, PTRR, and INDOCC orientation.  Last, is the part where everybody usually drops out or gets hurt, Phase 1,2,3 in BUD/s.   

Special forces soldiers running on a beachStep one is very self-explanatory, so I am going to jump into the other steps.  For step 2, All recruits will report to Great Lakes Illinois to attend basic military training. During Bootcamp, you will be required to take and pass the Special Warfare / Operations PST again. If you pass at Boot Camp you are officially in the pre-training community That means you will get orders to attend BUDS. 

Step 3: Pre-Training phase.  After Boot Camp, you will work out for a living and still live in Great Lakes in a program called BUD/S Prep. Your job is to learn about the Special Warfare Communities as well start an extensive physical training program for 6-8 weeks. The Pre-training program is to help candidates get into better shape as Boot Camp does not properly prepare a BUD/S student for their advanced training programs they will see in Coronado 

Step 4: Navy SEALs BUD/s, PTRR, and INDOCC orientation.  Once you arrive at BUD/S you will join PTRR for a few weeks until the next INDOC class forms. BUD/S Indoctrination Phase is a challenging 5-6 week training to test the students in all the basics from the PST, swimming with fins, obstacle courses, timed beach runs, as well as challenging PTs on the Grinder, and of course - surf zone training. Once you have passed the challenges of INDOC and not quit after the instructors personally test your desire, you get the opportunity to advance to Phase 1. 

Step 5: Phases 1,2,3 in BUD/s.  Now training begins at First Phase. This is where most BUD/S students quit or get injured. This phase is where you will meet challenges regularly such as four-mile timed beach runs, 2-mile ocean swims, BUD/S obstacle course, log PT, hundreds of reps of pushups, pullups, and ab exercises. Drown-proofing, lifesaving, and underwater knot tying are also challenging tests you must pass to continue training. Of course, there is Hell Week, which is a 120-hour long event designed to test your desire to be a Navy SEAL. You may sleep a total of 3-4 hours in five days and log more than 200 miles of running, swimming, and paddling boats. This phase is the ultimate test of your ability to be a team player - whether you are under a log or boat, you will quickly learn who you want on your team.  There is a Famous Navy SEAL, David Goggins, who Dominated the Hell week but it took him 3 tries because he kept getting injured.   

As you can tell, becoming a Navy SEAL is one of the hardest thing a person could accomplish.  I want to become a Navy SEAL on day because if I complete Hell Week, I will go down as one of the toughest humans in the world.  I would like to thank all the military for putting their life in danger to make mine perfect. 


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Hong Kong is in a state of disarray after the recent protests. The protests have been going on since March 31st of 2019. After Hong Kong proposed the Fugitive Offenders Amendment bill. If it is passed, the bill would have let Hong Kong authorities detain and extradite criminal fugitives who are wanted in territories with which Hong Kong does not currently have jurisdiction, including Taiwan and mainland China. This created concerns that the amendment would subject Hong Kong residents and visitors to the mainland Chinese jurisdiction and legal system, which would threaten the region's autonomy and its civil liberties. Rallies Started in March and April and began to evolve into mass movements in June. On June 9th, almost 1 million Chinese citizens began a protest rally so the bill would not be passed. On June 12th, the day the bill would have its second reading, the protests started to get violent. Riot control deployed tear gas and rubber bullets, but to no avail. One June 15th the bill was suspended. However, on June 16th, a bigger rally thabefore occurred. Some counted 800,000 people there, some counted 2 million, but the Hong Kong police counted 300,000. This rally was against the way that the riot controllers treated them during the last protest.  

July 1st, many people stormed the Legislative Council Complex and vandalized the building.  The protests have been getting more violent, and on August 18th, the triads assaulted several protesters. The people assumed that the police were colluding with the triads because of the slow response to the assaults. Many more rallies took place afterwards, and police brutality and violence was not uncommon during the rallies. Many protesters were arrested, including a 12-year-old. About 1,117 people were arrested throughout all the rallies. It is also thought that about 19 people were killed during the Hong Kong protests, and 5 other people committed suicide because of the treatment of the Chinese people. Finally, Lam suspended the extradition bill on 15 June and withdrew the bill on September 4th 

That wasn’t the end of the protests, very recently more protests have been going on. These protests are because the Chinese people want democracy. The country of China has been a communist nation since October of 1949. The people see the mistreatment that they have been getting and decided to protest it. In 2012 the current President of China, Xi JinPing, was elected and has stayed president all the way to now.  

No one knows what will happen next in Hong Kong. The people want democracy, and they are very persistence about getting it. There has been constants protests for months now, China really has no other choice but to listen to the people. Will China finally listen to the people? Or will the president not head to the demands of the people. The protests are still going on now, and they may keep going on for many more months or years. The world will find out soon enough what happens to the people.