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Hong Kong is in a state of disarray after the recent protests. The protests have been going on since March 31st of 2019. After Hong Kong proposed the Fugitive Offenders Amendment bill. If it is passed, the bill would have let Hong Kong authorities detain and extradite criminal fugitives who are wanted in territories with which Hong Kong does not currently have jurisdiction, including Taiwan and mainland China. This created concerns that the amendment would subject Hong Kong residents and visitors to the mainland Chinese jurisdiction and legal system, which would threaten the region's autonomy and its civil liberties. Rallies Started in March and April and began to evolve into mass movements in June. On June 9th, almost 1 million Chinese citizens began a protest rally so the bill would not be passed. On June 12th, the day the bill would have its second reading, the protests started to get violent. Riot control deployed tear gas and rubber bullets, but to no avail. One June 15th the bill was suspended. However, on June 16th, a bigger rally thabefore occurred. Some counted 800,000 people there, some counted 2 million, but the Hong Kong police counted 300,000. This rally was against the way that the riot controllers treated them during the last protest.  

July 1st, many people stormed the Legislative Council Complex and vandalized the building.  The protests have been getting more violent, and on August 18th, the triads assaulted several protesters. The people assumed that the police were colluding with the triads because of the slow response to the assaults. Many more rallies took place afterwards, and police brutality and violence was not uncommon during the rallies. Many protesters were arrested, including a 12-year-old. About 1,117 people were arrested throughout all the rallies. It is also thought that about 19 people were killed during the Hong Kong protests, and 5 other people committed suicide because of the treatment of the Chinese people. Finally, Lam suspended the extradition bill on 15 June and withdrew the bill on September 4th 

That wasn’t the end of the protests, very recently more protests have been going on. These protests are because the Chinese people want democracy. The country of China has been a communist nation since October of 1949. The people see the mistreatment that they have been getting and decided to protest it. In 2012 the current President of China, Xi JinPing, was elected and has stayed president all the way to now.  

No one knows what will happen next in Hong Kong. The people want democracy, and they are very persistence about getting it. There has been constants protests for months now, China really has no other choice but to listen to the people. Will China finally listen to the people? Or will the president not head to the demands of the people. The protests are still going on now, and they may keep going on for many more months or years. The world will find out soon enough what happens to the people.