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Going into the bye week, the Eagles looked like they were picking up some momentum. They beat the Chicago Bears week 9, and the week before they beat the 5-1 Buffalo Bills. Wentz started to show signs of his 2017 season, the receivers were finally catching passes, and Doug Peterson started making good play calls. But the Eagles knew there was a major challenge coming after the bye week. They were playing in “America’s Game of the Week” against the New England Patriots. The last time these two teams met was in one of the greatest football games ever played. They played in Super Bowl VII, in which the Eagles beat the Patriots and won their very first super bowl. Over the bye week, the Eagles picked up running back Jay Ajayi, a member of that super bowl winning team. Both the Patriots and Eagles were going into the game prepared for each other. 

During the game, the Eagles got off to a very fast start. Their first drive ended in a field goal, Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagleshelped by a 50-yard pass interference call that got them halfway down the field. The Eagles next drive started all the way at their own 5-yard line because of a good punt by the Patriots. But the Eagles kept driving and ended up scoring a touchdown to make the game 10-0. That would be the last points the Eagles would score all game.   

The Eagles offense struggled for multiple reasons. They never could establish a run game, mostly because of the absence of Jordan Howard. Miles Sanders got most of the reps, but he only had a mediocre game. Sanders only got the ball in the first half, because in the second half Doug Peterson decided to just not play him. Boston Scott also got some playing time. But he muffed a punt and almost turned the ball over. He was lucky the ball was hit out of bounds before the Patriots could gain possession. Another reason the Eagles offense struggled was because of a poor performance by quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz was constantly missing easy passes to open receivers. He missed multiple easy throws to tight ends cutting across the field who were wide open. Wentz’s poor play costed the Eagles some points and maybe the game against the Patriots. Wentz also has big problems with ball security. He constantly stays in the pocket way to long and was sacked. He fumbled the ball twice in the Patriots game because of that.  

With all these problems, the Eagles need to make some important changes. Our offense has done nothing. It seems like every drive they’re doing absolutely nothing and going three and out. Mike Groh, the offensive coordinator for the Eagles, has done nothing to attempt to fix any of these problems. That’s why the Eagles should fire Mike Groh and hire a new offensive coordinator. The Eagles need a new face on their coaching staff who can bring new ideas on how the birds can improve and make a push to end the season. I also think the Eagles need to sign a wide receiver on their team. With the cutting of Jordan Mathews, they have an opening for a wide receiver. I believe that free agent Kelvin Benjamin is a good fit and would be a solid pickup for the Eagles. He could serve as the deep threat that we are lacking because of the absence of Deshawn Jackson for the remainder of the season. The Eagles are struggling big time, and they need to make big changes in order to get back to their winning ways. 


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Eagles fans still have hope after they beat Bills (5-2) with a final score of 31-13 



The Eagles have brought hope back to Philadelphia after a strong victory over the Buffalo Bills. The Bills coming in at 5-1 were favorites to beat the 3-4 Eagles in Buffalo. The Eagles, behind Coach Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz, were on other terms. The main reason the Eagles won this game was due to their exceptional run game. The Birds rushed for a total of 218 yards and averaged 5.3 yards per carry.   


Philadelphia Eagles running back Miles Sanders runs the ball against the Buffalo Bills



Score Summary 


The first few drives of the game, the Bills had total control. The Buffalo area was facing 28 mph winds in the air, so both offenses weren’t getting much momentum. On the Eagles second drive of the first quarter, Carson Wentz was able to get the Eagles 45 yards down the field before Jake Elliott nailed a 37-yard field goal to give the Eagles the early lead. Josh Allen and his offensive core responded with a touchdown of their own, caught by receiver Cole Beasley. The score was 7-3 Bills after one quarter of football. 

Into the second quarter, Bills QB Josh Allen escaped the pocket and attempted to gain yardage, but Eagles All-Pro DE Brandon Graham stripped the football from him and recovered it. The Eagles took possession of the football at the Bills 24-yard line. Carson Wentz taking advantage of great field position slung a pass to TE Dallas Godert for and Eagles 5-yard touchdown. Miles Sanders than ran it in to the endzone for a two-point conversion. The Eagles were up 11-7 at the half. 

Miles Sanders had what most would call the best game of his career before his apparent shoulder injury. Sanders blew by the entire Bills team for a 65-yard rushing touchdown to start the second half. The Eagles only went up 17-7 due to Jake Elliott's missed PAT. Josh Allen and his halted offense was able to punch in a 28-yard touchdown after dumping it off to RB Devin Singletary. Making the score 17-13 and a one possession game. 

Carson Wentz and his offense were fired up and ready to score once again. The Eagles seamlessly drove up the field and scored another rushing touchdown, score was 24-13 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Eagles were on top and yet again breaking away. 

The Eagles finished with a 3-yard touchdown by running back by Jordan Howard in the fourth quarter, and the Bills never scored again due to inconsistent offensive drives. The final score was 31-13 Eagles. 


What's Next 


The Bills had another game today to show whether they could back up their 5-1 record. Losing to two talented teams (Patriots, Eagles) have shown their flaws, and has now made fans wonder if they are a playoff contending team or not. The current 5-2 Bills play the Redskins next and are two games behind the Patriots in the AFC East. Josh Allen looked sloppy in this game and needs to work on his decision making. Allen was responsible for three fumbles in the game. The Bills defense also needs to step up their game in order to contain good offensive teams. They got absolutely destroyed by the Eagles run game. Hopefully, the Bills can prove that they are legit playoff contenders, and not a team riding an easy schedule.  

The Eagles are now 4-4 after their win in Buffalo and are half a game behind the Dallas Cowboys for first place in the NFC East. They play the 3-4 Chicago Bears at home next. The Eagles have talented teams on their schedule (Patriots, Seahawks) soon. Overall, Carson Wentz looked pretty good, considering he still doesn’t have WR Deshaun Jackson back in the rotation yet. He had a touchdown and 172 passing yards. Zach Ertz and Alshon Jeffery had quiet games, which should be concerning Eagles fans, as they are huge pieces for success for the Eagles. The offensive line and the run game have looked stronger than ever and gives Eagles fans some hope. They ran It a total of 41 times today compared to the Bills 20. Ultimately, the Eagles secondary was able to cover receivers with Ronald Darby and Jalen Mills back in the lineup. They could still use a heavy upgrade in the secondary to put the Eagles on top of other teams. Coach Doug Pederson and his team have some major work to do in order to get the Eagles as top playoff contenders this year. 


Throughout the nation, not many high schools offer crew. Some reasons would be because of the geography required and expenses. Mainland is one high school that is fortunate enough to offer its students this sportIn fact, not many people know what rowing is truly about, and some even argue it is not a sport.  

To have a crew program you need to have access to a large body of water to practice on. For instance, bays, lakes, and rivers are great settings for the sport. The other complication with crew programs is the expenses that are required to purchase and maintain equipment. A boat which is comprised of the shell, foot stretchers, rigors, and oars can become a significant price tag. An eight-man boat averages about $60,000, and that’s just a single boatMany people think that rowing is an upper body workoutbut that could not be farther from the truth. In crew, the stroke is composed of 70% legs, 20% core, and 10% arms. In short, crew is a whole body sport that drastically improves fitness. 

Mainland crew team logo, a green and white "M" with two oars making an "X" behind itThis sport requires a high level of dedication because it is three seasons long, and a fourth season is optional. The fall season is very relaxed, coaches focus mostly on rowers technique so the upcoming seasons are smoother. Removing bad habits, or learning the basics of rowing is the underlying theme of Fall Crew. Winter season for the crew team is a grueling, yet crucial, three months, which focuses on the teams fitness for spring season. The spring season is the primary time of the year for crew due to its competitive level. The spring is commonly referred to as “racing season”. The intensity level is highbut is required to make a fast boat. After these three seasons, summer rowing is offered to those who truly want to improve their stroke.  

Athletic scholarships for crew are more common than any other on the collegiate level. If an individual is quite exceptional in crew they would likely be offered an athletic scholarshipOther opportunities that come from this sport are important life skills, and teamwork. Crew provides its participants with the ability of time management due to its demanding schedule. Perhaps the greatest benefit from crew is the friendships made among the team. In the category of teams work, crew out ranks any other sport. An eight manned boat must be perfectly synchronized to achieve max speed, if the team element is missing then true boat will never succeed. This type of sport makes people less individuals and more team players.  

Ultimately, crew is a great sport that more people should be aware of. Rowers not only gain physical strength, but mental toughness as well. The Mainland crew team is very welcoming to people interested in joining. If this article seemed interesting, it’s recommended that more research is conducted because there is much more about crewSome rowers will even describe rowing to be deeper than a sport, and more of an art form. 

A lot of you have heard about Zion Willaimson, but have you heard of Jalen Lecque?  Zion was one of the most dominant collegiate and high school basektball players.  He went to Spartanburg High School in South Carolina and attended college at one of the best basketball schools ever, Duke University.  Zion is a giant person; he is 6’7" 285 pounds with a wingspan of 6 feet 5 inches.  Zion was drafted #1 overall to the New Orleans Pelicans.  Jalen Lecque is a rookie who was drafted to the Phoenix Suns out of High School.  He is a 5th year senior who went to 2 schools, Brewster Academy and Monsignor Scanlan High School.  Jalen went to Monsignor for his first 4 years of high school (HS) and went to an Academy for his 5th year.  A 5th year senior is somebody who attends a private school after attending their first 4 years at their normal school.  Athletes are usually the people to do this;  Jalen’s team was the only team to beat Zion and the Spartanburg Spartans.   

NBA LogoJalen’s team trained all season to be the team to take down Zion.  Jalen said the only reason that they won was because the team worked great together and never gave up on the game.  Zion and his teammates handled the loss well and moved on to the next game.  When Jalen attended Brewster, they won the National Private School Championship.  After High School, Zion played one season at Duke and carried the team to their 5th national championship.  Zion had a knee injury during a game against the rival school, North Carolina.  He busted through his shoe which caused him to badly tweak his knee.   

Zion was doing amazing during the preseason.  He was unstoppable, averaging 23.3 points per game.  That is a lot of point for also only averaging 27 minutes per game.  Zion unfortunately tore his lateral meniscus in his knee.  He had to have surgery and will return to the NBA in 6-8 weeks and hopefully he is better than he was before.  Jalen did not average anywhere near Zions stats, but he will hopefully get better than he already is.  Unfortunately, Jalen was moved down to the G-League one day ago but do not be surprised if he gets called up back to the Suns.  I believe Jalen was moved down due to his lack of experience in bigger leagues than his high school league.  Although he played at an elite high school league, it still has nothing compared to the NBA.  This is not a bad move for Jalen because he will get more playing time and will prepare for the big-league next year.   

Jalen and Zion are both great players.  They have very bright futures with their teams and hopefully stay healthy.  If they work hard enough, they will have the opportunity to get their family’s what they promised and show them how much they appreciate them.   

On October 6, 2019, the Philadelphia Eagles (2-2) played the New York Jets (0-3). My family was very lucky to be granted tickets for the game from one of my dad’s close friends. The seats were right behind the field goal post on the Eastern Side of the stadium, section 111. The game was set for 1:00 E.T so we decided to leave the house at 10:30 just in case parking and traffic were bad.  

Going over the Walt Whitman Bridge on the way to the game, you could already see the buzz in Philly. You could already hear people yelling and screaming from miles away, and the bridge was completely stopped because of all the traffic. Once we got over the bridge, parking was the next issue. And getting off the exit to go to the stadiums, you could already see how bad parking would be. There were people parked all over in the grass areas a mile away from the stadium. Thousands of people were tailgating in every parking lot around the stadium. And of course, many rowdy Eagles fans made fun of the Jets’ Quarterback Sam Darnold’s mono disease, vintage Philly, and many fans also had 41-33 signs from Super Bowl 52 where the Eagles defeated the Patriots. Our family had to get a parking spot all the way back in one of the lots, probably a 15-minute walk from the stadium. Once we parked the car, my parents felt like it was okay to barge into someone’s tailgate, and as long as you’re an Eagles fan, they’d let you have a few things to drink. Walking towards the stadium, you couldn’t go a minute without hearing an “E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES” chant. There were at least 5 tailgates in every row of parking. You could see many passionate Eagles fans having good times, drinking, throwing a football around, or just talking.  

A view from the author's seat in the endzone looking towards the Eagles fieldWhen we arrived at the stadium, we saw the biggest line for security I have ever seen. We had to wait at least 30 minutes to get into the stadium. When we finally got into the stadium, it was 1:00, so the game was going to start in any minute. So, my family had to rush to the complete opposite side of where we entered to get to our seats. And of course, inside the stadium, Eagles fans weren’t any calmer than they were outside the stadium. They were still screaming whatever they could to make fun of the Jets. We made it to our seats right as the Eagles kicked it off to the Jets. Looking at the rest of the stadium, you couldn’t see any open seats. 

The Eagles played great football in the game beating the Jets 31-6. The Eagles had 10 sacks and had 2 defensive touchdowns on defense. And the offense played well too as Jordan Howard had a rushing touchdown, and Zach Ertz had a receiving touchdown. Eagles fans were pumped after the game, as they still had the same energy that they had at the beginning of the game. Leaving the stadium was also nuts, there were people yelling, screaming, and having a good time. This would all be different if they had lost as people wouldn’t be as energetic. Getting out of the stadium was also crazy as it took over an hour to get out of the parking lot. Overall, Eagles games are always very fun to go to, even if you don’t like football because surrounding yourself in the Philly environment is special enough on its own.