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Around the Corral

All the news of what's happening around the Corral; here, we take a deeper dive into Mainland.
White Mainland fooball helmet
Mainland Regional High School was founded in 1961 and throughout its career, Mainland has always had a football team. The Mustangs team is known for their aggression, spirit, and will to win. Although some years were less successful than others, the 2019-20 season has been a great one! The varsity football team is undefeated and has the whole school bursting with pride over their winning streak. Even with the all the school spirit, this is not the first instance of a victorious year by the Mainland varsity football team. In the 1962-63 season, the Mustangs flourished and were also undefeated. The head coach that season was Mr. Wilson, he stayed with the Mustangs until 1965 when he handed over the position to Mr. Prohaska. Coach Prohaska did not have any undefeated seasons, but the four years that he was head coach were also prosperous. The four years that Mr. Prohaska was the head coach, the Mustangs thrived under his guidance. The position of Head Coach was passes along, and in the 1961-1980, the Mustangs did well, having only fluke seasons, but also with some fantastic games. In the instance of the 1969-70 season, the rivals to the Mustangs at the time were the Oakcrest Falcons. The Falcons were undefeated that year, and things were looking down for the Mustangs, who had lost 4 and won 4. At the end of the game however, the Mustangs beat the falcons and ended their undefeated season! This was a huge deal at the time, and many football players from that year, remember very fondly, the victory that allowed them to end 5-4. Even though Mainland's career goes farther than 20 years, this is only part 1 in my 3-part series. I hope you enjoyed this article and will continue the reading when parts 2 and 3 are published.