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Sixty years ago, a new music sensation started sweeping the country. Rock music, a new genre, started to take over the music industry. Artists like The Rolling Stones, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and The Doors started taking over the charts. Rock bands started selling out shows. The legendary Woodstock music festival began, bringing crowds of over 500,000 people to a dairy farm in New York to see some of the biggest bands in the world. In the 1970s, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Deep Purple, and KISS dominated the music industry. As time went on, the standard rock genre started to split into multiple sub-genres. Those included heavy metal, grunge, alt rock, and glam rock (aka hair metal). Bands like Metallica, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Guns and Roses all were successful bands from those subgenres. But once the 2000s hit, new styles of music started to become more popular. Pop and rap music started to take the charts from rock. Now, in 2019, rock music isn’t anything like it used to be. Much fewer young people are into rock. It might seem like rock music is dead, but it isn’t. 

When I was 7, I was first introduced to the genre though my dad. When he was in college, he was a big grunge fan. In the car, he had this Pearl Jam playlist that would be played every time we were in the car. As I got older, I realized that I liked the music. When I was old Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performsenough to finally get a phone and a Chromebook around 7th grade, I started to listen more and more to Pearl Jam. I also started to discover other bands that I liked, Including Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, Soundgarden, Metallica, and many others. That music shaped who I am and how I feel about many things, including how I feel about the genres that overtook rock.  

Today’s dominant genres are pop and rap. Rap music, in my opinion, is barely considered music. Now, in 2019, the background music is all computer generated. All the artist does is perform the song to the pre-recorded music, and the producer does everything else from there. If anything, the producer should get more credit than the artist. The producer has to make the electronic background, add any needed autotuning or effects to the singer's voice, all while making the song hook to whoever is listening to the song. Pop music is so repetitive it’s almost sad. Most pop songs are done by playing simple chord progressions. There is also very little variation in a pop album, while rock bands would have multiple genres fit into their albums. There are also artists who either use autotune when recording their songs, or during their concerts they lip sync. Multiple major artists including Ariana Grande and Beyoncé have been caught lip syncing during a concert. Newer music today is ruining the musical culture set up by rock bands 30 years ago. 

A wide shot of a sold out Slipknot showThe main point of this article was to prove that rock isn’t dead. I’m going to just let these numbers speak for themselves. This year, a popular heavy metal band named Slipknot went on tour. Their tour started in Europe and later moved on to the United States. In every show, so far, Slipknot drew at least 15,000 people. If that’s not enough, both Slipknot and Tool, another metal band, both had albums at number 1 on the Billboard Charts. To make an even better point, the new Tool album beat out the extremely popular Taylor Swift's new album. If rock was dead, rock bands wouldn’t be pulling 15,000+ every night at their concerts and reaching number 1 on the charts. Also, more and more movies are starting to come out about artists, including Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, and many others. Those movies have introduced many new fans to the genre of rock music.  

In conclusion, rock music is not dead and won’t die anytime soon. There is still a ton of diehard rock and metal fans out there, and it will most likely continue for many years to come. Now, I’m not saying rock is the dominate music genre, but it is still relevant. It doesn’t dominate the charts like it used to, but every once and a while rock music does get to number 1. As Brian Johnson of AC/DC said, “Rock n’ Roll will never die!”  



Social Media is the newest way that people communicate and spend their daily lives. In schools, students are often on social media and use it every day in the classroom and outside. Teachers even use it for learning purposes and use it as a way for students to communicate. Social media can be used positively to share opinions and ideas, but sometimes these get out of hand and can end up hurting people. Social media has negative effects and positive effects in places including school and sometimes can end up being too much.   

Social media is affecting society also by creating an atmosphere where people are judged and controlled. Everyday people look through social media and its does in fact affect everyone’s lives. It determines who people want to be, what they do, how they react with certain opinions, and more. Although social media has its benefits like communication and becoming more social, there are negatives. Some of these include the derogatory comments, the bullying, and the way it is shaping society for the worst. People are either steered towards or away from the social networking social media has formed. 

Some benefits of social media include growing a company's business, growing social life, and more communication with each other. Social networking can form communities and create bonds that could not be formed otherwise. Many teachers and students find the use inspiring and helpful in their everyday lives. At the Georgetown University Center for Social Impact Communication, it has been found that 96% of students that have Internet access are using at least one social network. Some are even using social media for their own personal reasons. This included to spread the word on certain events or activities they are working on or companies that are starting. Social media also gives people the ability to say their opinions and what they are feeling at any time which in some cases could lead to harmful events but can also be very helpful and teaching. In schools, social media is also used to spread the word on school news and events coming up that are important. Social Media is also becoming the main source of communication due to the new fast paced way of living. 

Social media is also however getting some hate due to many believing it is causing people to become antisocial and become drifted away from one another. This includes teachers that have even complained about social media causing students to be distant with one another. Cory McAbee teaches 11th grade English in Rutherford County, North Caroline and states that “social media has crippled my students when it comes to interacting with one another in person. Their very ability to communicate is deteriorating.” She is just one example of the number of teachers who believe social media is harmful to the students. People are becoming less social now that they use social media and they don’t do many activities that were done before.  

Social media has impacted many lives in a negative way and a positive way. This includes the ability to grow a business, more communication through technology, and to spread the word on certain news. Some negative factors include the fact that people are becoming less social, real life communication skills are lessening, and people are spreading harmful rumors. Although there are negatives and positive, social media is changing how people spend their everyday lives. This is the future and people are either scared or looking forward to seeing what social media can do.  






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