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Disney characters in front of a cruise ship

Disney is a company that has global power and prestige. It is known to produce some of the best films ever made, and to have created the happiest place on Earth. One of Disney's newest projects that has been largely successful is their cruise line. Disney has four unique ships, the Wonder, the Magic, the Dream, and the Fantasy. I had the pleasure of taking a vacation on the Disney's Fantasy and loved every second. The people working aboard the ship are extremely friendly and do everything in their power to accommodate a guest.  


I had many great experiences, however the one event that made the cruise less fun was the weather. Whenever the ship was at sea and not docked at a port, the wind rocked us roughly. Almost everyone on board became seasick and I even witnessed one kid throw up in a hallway trash can because of how nauseous the ship made them feel. It was very disappointing, but typical for January weather. My ship was lucky though, as we had no trouble coming to shore and docking the ship. The week after, I was home, and the next trip the Fantasy took didn’t dock anywhere because of the rough weather.  


Not looking at the unlucky rockiness my cruise was fantastic! There was a free ice cream bar that allowed passengers to eat as much as they wanted without having to pay for it. There were also free lunches where you could eat cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, pizza, French fries, and a buffet bar with many delicious choices. The dinners were more formal, and every family had an assigned waiter that took care of them the whole cruise, even if they went to different resterauntsThe menu was different every night and the meats were always tender and delicious. After every dinner, there was a live show that you could watch in one of the theaters on the ship. There was Aladdin the musical, Frozen, the movie Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker, and many more. 


The ship stopped at a total of three places. The island Tortola, St. Thomas, and the Disney island Castaway Cay. There were stores at the port, and you also had the opportunity to hire a taxi to drive you around the first two islands and give you a tour. The ship does not provide taxis, so you must pay for them separately. However, it was worth it as I saw almost the entire island of Tortola in a little more than two hours. On St. Thomas I also took a taxi to the top of the island where my family and I shopped at a huge store. It had many souvenirs such as t-shirts and necklaces. I chose to pay for a sweatshirt that had a turtle on it. I went to the beach only once when we stopped at Castaway Cay.  



Image Credit: Disney Cruises website

Fine Line by Harry Stylesthe second full- length album in the solo career for the ex member of One Direction. It was released on December 13 of 2019, and it’s been on number one in billboard for two weeks in a row. With 12 songs, fine line not only has positioned itself as one of the best albums of the year, but also positionethe songwriter and singer as one of the top artists once again. 


Fine Line is influenced by many types of styles from different decades; early on the album, the singles “watermelon sugar”, “adore you” and “fine line” traffic in joyful tempos and leans to funk-pop. The album has been described as rock, pop, folk, soul and indie pop, which is what makes Fine Line different from other albums.  The sound of it is incredible, and all the songs have at least one great moment to grab hold ofTo hear him sing acoustic rock backed by only a couple of musicians, is refreshing; There were easier, less complicated roads for him to take. Harry has recently talked about how afraid he was to make music after One Direction, but the truth his tracks and all that he worked on after his debutcould be described as stupendous and memorable. 

 The cover of the album fine line

In addition, Fine Line projected different moods and styles all through the albumIn the song “falling” the lyrics stateYou said you care, and you missed me too , And I'm well aware I write too many songs about you”  This specific song is an apology, and the lyrics reflect the theme of the songA peculiar characteristic of this album is that the songs share similar themes, but they all sound different, which makes fine line similar to novel, because of the different emotions it creates all through the whole album; It makes you feel like you know the artist, and it absorbs you for hours until you get to the last songNonetheless, Styles does really well at switching back and forth from slow to upbeat tempos while keeping the same theme, ands allowing the whole album to come together the album, and creating a masterpiece 


Furthermore, the new project shows the recently discovered side of Harry, at difference of previous works, all 12 songs discuss topics such as self- discovery, relationships, heartbreak and acceptance, using words to describe personal experiences in wonderful ways. This album showcases the journey to self-identityA clear example othis is “fine line” the first single of the album, which came out on Oct. 11. This track showed a new side of the musician, with a music video displaying his sexuality in a suitable manner, the lyrics talking about not stepping back from who you truly are and embracing yourself 


While Fine Line might not be what was expected from the artist, that is exactly why this album is so great; It is different from any other album that might have been released in 2019. Fine line is a mix of styles and genres, it also displays a similar theme in all of the records, nonetheless, none of the songs sound the same, and to end up, at difference form his previous work in One Direction, fine line shows maturity, it talks about topics we never heard him singing about before. Although, not every song is catchy , the vibes and the sound are incredible and shows the true talent of Harry as a musician. 



Image credit: hstyles.co.uk

Roddy Ricch’s new album Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, has taken the nation to storm. Roddy Ricch was able to blend a bunch of beats with different instruments, vocals, and more to put his album on the top charts for weeks. His most popular song of the album is “The Box” which has been on the top charts for week features a unique sound, which is then produced into a beat and then into a great song. 

Roddy Ricch's new album cover

His entire album features all well written and overall great sounding songs, but I’m going to give my opinion on my favorite songs on the album and why they stand out compared to the others. Another successful song and one of my personal favorites is the song “High Fashion (feat. Mustard).” The reason this song stands out compared to the rest of them is because of the slow tempo the song has. Even though it is slow for a rap song, the nice smooth beat and the great lyrics turn it into a great song. This song is the type of mellow rap you can put on while doing something without the song being too overbearing to listen too. Another two songs that stand out compared to other songs are “Start wit Me (feat. Gunna)” and “Peta (feat. Meek Mill).” Both these songs are upbeat and relatively loud songs. What I mean by loud is the amount of instrumental variety that is contained throughout the song. The main part about these two songs that make them so unique and so pleasant to listen to is this flute type beat both songs produce.  


Another song I love is “Perfect Time”. Roddy Ricch uses his musical talent in this song by using this own piano melody in the song. At first when you hear the slow graceful piano at the beginning of the song, it seems impossible to make a rap beat out of it. Roddy Ricch is able to accomplish this by making a great rap song with a delightful piano melody, and wonderful lyrics. Another two songs that are absolutely amazing are “Bacc Seat (feat. Ty DollA $ign)” and “Big Stepper”. Bacc Seat has to be one of my favorite songs, if not my favorite song on this album. Roddy Ricch makes the main part of the beat using a very catchy guitar rift that sounds perfect with the beat of the song. Along with Roddy Ricch’s amazing voice, and the exceptional beat, it makes it a rap song almost anyone could enjoy. Big Stepper is by far the most bold and loud song on this album. Right from the start the song starts with a very loud guitar rift, that basically is then added on with Roddy Ricch’s voice. This daring rift along with the immense amount of bass in this song, makes it insanely loud and fun to listen to. This song could get any group of friends in a hyped-up mood.  


My last song is a highly underrated song it is one of the most least listened to songs on this album, but it is one of my personal favorites. “Moonwalkin (feat Lil Durk)” is piano, guitar merged beat song that is a very allow and relaxing rap song to listen too. The lyrics are not my favorite and are probably why the song isn’t as popular as the other ones I have listed, but it has one of the most well written beats on the album, and that’s why it is a top song on this album. 


Roddy Ricch really outdid himself with his new album this year. He has really solidified himself as a top rapper and it makes sense why after hearing this album. There's a nice variety of different beats in the songs, but they all sound terrific. If your skeptical about rap songs being good, or haven listened to rap before, try this album out, it shows what good rap truly is. 



Image credit: genius.com

The book Love and Other Perishable Items written by Laura Buzo is a book that many can relate to. The entertaining novel goes into the life of an average teenage girl named Amelia dealing with her family, school, and her after school job at the local store where she met her crush, Chris. Amelia is known for her artistic mind and her love for reading. This is what sparks her interest in Chris since he has a love for reading just like her. The overall story is a thoughtful novel filled with situations that many people may relate to.  


This novel included detailed chapter and made it very clear for the reader to understand the plot. In the book, there were different sections that gave the two main characters point of Cover of the book love and other perishable itemsview. This created a better understanding of feelings and events that happened. The conflict in the book was also shown with the two different opinions of the main characters. Using these two different views, it gave the reader more to investigate and comprehend while the conflict occurred. The boy's point of view was written in the form of a journal to himself and included dates of when the events happened. The photo to the right is a picture of the book cover.  


While reading the book, the story never got boring and there was always something happening with surprises and different actions. There was a decent timeline and no missing events or confusing parts. The author also used events and times that are relatable to any audience. The amount of characters in the book create many forms of different topics that are relatableThe book also includes forms of humor and the characters talk about topics that interest the readers.  


In the book, Amelia struggles with her relationship with her co-worker Chris. She likes him and they build their relationship as the story goes on. The only problem is that Chris is 22 and Amelia is 15. Chris is still trying to get his life together and Amelia knows her relationship can’t work out, or does she? The story takes the reader on the adventure of going after the ones you love whether it works out in the end or not.   


This book is recommended to an audience from 13 and up due to some language and is recommended for an easy read high school level. The love interest and the issues that occur between the characters will have the reader nonstop reading. The book is one that is an easy read and one can read through fast. The different point of views for the book also makes it more interesting and harder to stop reading. This book is definitely a great quality book that will teach each reader to follow their heart and help the reader learn lessons dealing with relationships.  

Allow me to review for your the Bluetoooth 5.0 Headphones Wireless Earbuds 30H Cycle Playtime in-Ear Wireless Headphones Hi-Fi Stereo Sweatproof Earphones Sport Headsets Built-in Mic for Work/Running/Travel/Gym (Actual Amazon title).


Fake Air Pods


This past year for Hanukkah, I asked for Air Pods as the ones I had were the old Apple headphones with wires. The wires were annoying as I couldn’t listen to music while I was charging my phone because both the charger, and the headphones required the same plug in. So, switching to wireless headphones was at the top of my list, and Air Pods were the most well renowned brand, so I asked for them. When my parents were looking, they felt like the normal Air Pods were too expensive to buy. So, they looked for a cheaper alternative to purchase. That’s when they found these ones, which had pretty good reviews. They then bought these off of Amazon, and were going to give them to me for Hanukkah. 


But you can never trust everything you read on the internet. When I first opened these on the 6th night of Hanukkah, I was a bit upset to see that they weren’t the actual Air Pods. But I wasn’t going to get mad until I tried them on myself. The front Ad for fake air podsof the box read “True Wireless Stereo Earbuds,” and the side read “Excellent Sound.” I was getting my hopes up a little bit, until I opened the box. 


First off, the case was atrocious. The flap was about to come off after not even using it once. Once I flipped the case open to see the headphones itself, my heart was crushed. They looked horrible as the ends of the headphones were straight, and not curvy. I thought to myself that as long as the headphones itself were okay, they’d be fine. The box even said it had excellent sound. But boy was the box wrong. The sound quality was the worst thing I’ve ever heard as it sounded like someone recorded the audio inside of a microwave. Something that was very noticeable right from the start was that there was a blinking green light on the headphones while I was using them. I thought that maybe they were about to die, so I Ad for fake air podscharged them for two hours. When I came back to put them on again, the light was still flashing. This would be a huge distraction to other people in class if I was listening to anything. I decided enough was enough, so I decided to return them to Amazon. Truly a waste of money, and if you are to buy any sort of wireless headphones, these are not the ones. The only positives about these is that they are wireless, something that the box didn’t lie about. 


Image credits: Amazon.com

Do you want to enjoy fun, and interactive experience that you can do with family and friends that has a sense of mystery and excitement leaving a group with a true challenge? An escape room is a game where a team of players cooperatively discovers clues, solves puzzles, and accomplishes tasks in one or more rooms in order to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time. Recently they have become very popular all over the country and can appeal to all kinds of group up for the battle against the clock. Escape rooms are a whole new way of experiencing storytelling. By combining a social activity with interactive adventures, and challenging puzzles, escape room game players are immersed in an entirely different world with story lines and fictional characters or fantasy themes. 


There are numerous escape room locations in the Atlantic County that are very well-known and popular for both visitors and locals. There are many different rooms offered that allow for groups to pick a game they enjoy. At most venues, each room comes with a Game Master who will give you between 3-5 clues to assist with some of the more difficult obstacles.  Some examples of rooms are Hostage, Casino, Mystery Mansion, Muesum Heist, and many other thrilling themes. Each game is filled with clues that can be hidden in draws or in parts of the floor; they can also be found in books and uncovered with secret codes. If you can name a place in the room, a clue can most likely be found there! Clues take a lot of decoding, and sequencing is required to unlock each step. Every clue is crucial and important and must be thought out properly to get to the end goal of escaping. 


People completing an escape room

There are some important things to know before booking an escape room. The amount of people participating needs to considered depending on how difficult the room is rated to be. If there are too many people in the room, it tends to get crowded and people will most likely argue and disagree. While on the other hand, if there are not enough people, things move slower and one clue is focused on too much and it leads to wasting valuable time, so it is important that the amount of people participating is considered. Another factor to remember is the price. Escape rooms generally tend to be expensive. The price depends on the size of the group and the specific room you choose, and the fee per person ranges from approximately $20-$40. 


There are also some great factors of doing escape rooms. They are great for all types of people and can help establish teamwork and bond people together. Personally, I have done this with my basketball team, and it helped us all get to know each other better. We were able to see how everyone works under pressure and cope with setbacks just like you would experience in a real game. Groups can enjoy a fun time bonding and working together while accomplishing a goal.  


Escape rooms are great way of getting groups to work in unity and develop a sense of teamwork while being entertained by an intriguing and amusing theme. There are a lot of factors to be considered when booking an escape room, both negative and positive. Overall, escape rooms are worth it. They will be sure to entertain any type of crowd and leave those who succeeded with a sense of satisfaction.  


Image Credit: Google Image Search

December 10, 2019 was the start of the previews for the revival of the original 1957 “West Side Story”. “West Side Story” focuses on two gangs “The Jets”, the Americans, and “The Sharks”, the Puerto Rican’s and their rivalry; two characters, Tony and Maria, fall in love which leads them having to overcome the problem of being from rival gangs. Seeing it on January 11th, the show was ok, but it also wasn’t the best. Some reasons that “West Side Story” (2019) wasn’t great is because the way the stage was set up was confusing, the playbill was misleading, and there were explicit scenes that did not have a warning to them.  


The set-up of the stage was confusing because they did not have moving sets you see in other Broadway shows. The background was a digital screen that would project pre-filmed videos around New York and there were guys on stage filming what was happening that would be on the screen as well. The screen also opened up to reveal two sets; one was a drug store that the gang “the Jets” hung out in; the other being a studio for making clothes where the female “Sharks” hang out. Those are the main sets that were recorded and put on the screen. It was an interesting concept, but you could barely see inside of those sets and watching it on screen made it feel more like a movie.   


Even though the Playbill does not directly affect the musical itself, it should give the viewer an idea of what the show could be about. The Playbill shows an ordinary man and woman hugging fashion mannequins and touching hands; looking at it for the playbill cover for west side storyfirst time and not knowing the storyline you wouldn’t know that they were supposed to be a part of a gang. I have never seen “West Side Story” before this show, but I knew the basic storyline of it. Seeing the Playbill, pictured to the right, made me confused and questioned the storyline; it even made me think that the show was going to be boring. It was far from boring.


Since it was the first time I have ever seen “West Side Story” I had no idea what I was about to watch and that is where the third thing where this musical went wrong. In the show, there is a scene that has sexual harassment and assault. It was extremely hard to watch, I had to cover my eyes, and I felt sick after that scene. There should have been something that was mentioned beforehand in case someone has PTSD or any other trauma. Another extreme part was a gunshot in the show. Even though the audience is expecting it, there should have also been a warning for that as well I was even shaking after that.  


Overall, the show wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the greatest due to confusion, a misleading playbill, and no warnings for sensitive/explicit scenes. However, the actors did a phenomenal job acting. Hopefully, by the time it opens on Broadway in February, it will have some changes for the better. 


Image credit: Playbill.com 

There is a drink that’s been out recently and that is very popular all around. It's kind of like soda and it's called “Bubly water ,which is a drink that’s supposed to sound healthy. It has no flavor and this drink is very popular somehow; it's more like carbonated water and really doesn't have a good taste. This drink can be good for people that want to be healthy, or that are on a diet. Those that want to avoid unhealthy and sugary soda, can give this a try.  


cans of bubbly drink 


The drink overall is not bad, it just does not taste like anything. There is certainly less sugar than soda, which can be very good for people’s teeth. I would recommend this drink for anyone that wants the feel of soda with the carbonation but wants to avoid the dangerous sugar in regular soda. Just be ready, it does not have much taste! 

1917 movie poster
1917 is one of the most uniquely filmed movies so far this century. The movie is filmed to seem as if the events that take place are done in one shot. This means that there are no camera jumps or editing cuts. The movie is considered as “realistic fiction” that takes place during the First World War. Two British soldiers named Jack and Will are assigned to travel an incredible distance, behind enemy lines, to save the lives of 1600 men from a German ambush. The two soldiers have until the next morning to warn there allies of their impeding death.  

The plot of this movie was very interesting and the actors portrayed their characters beautifully. Although it seems I speak very highly of this film, it does have its flaws as well. 1917 seemed to be lacking in the departments of realism and common sense. For instance, if the movie is filmed in one shot and it is two hours long then clearly time had to be shortened for the film to work. A whole night in the movie was only minuets, which makes complete sense because it is a movie, but is still a realistic plot hole.  


Another problem with the film is that the characters certainly lacked common sense. Many incidents could have been avoided if the characters made smarter decisions. In fact, the soldiers in the film made decisions that a soldier in real life wouldn’t have done because it was against their training. Concluding that the script was definitely weak in realism.  


Overall, 1917 is worth seeing for an audience that is interested in war movies and history. Despite its flaws, it is still a suspenseful, and emotional film. It’s camera work alone is a reason for anyone to watch the movie, surprisingly the two hour film felt way shorter then that because of its distinctive methods. 

The 2019-2020 season for the Eagles had its fair share of ups and downs. The Eagles were one of the most injured teams in the NFL, so much so they almost had to put in their backup quarterback at wide receiver because they only had 2 healthy receivers on their lineup. The Eagles also had troubles on both sides of the ball. On offense, they were unable to consistently produce long scoring drives because of lack of talent and play calling by our offensive coordinator. On defense, our secondary struggled all year with injuries and not being able to keep up with who they are guarding. On a positive note, Doug Peterson did an outstanding job this season taking a team full of practice squad players to an NFC East Championship and a playoff appearance. Also, Carson Wentz played great this season. He broke the Eagles record for most passing yards in a single season this year with over 4,000 yards. In order to fully went down this season, you need to pick apart it all. 
There were two main reasons the Eagles made it to the playoffs, Carson Wentz and Doug Peterson. You could also throw in Miles Sanders and Boston Scott as major producers to our offense, but Wentz and Peterson were great relatively all season. Members of the 2019-2020 Philadelphia Eagles teamWentz was able to set franchise records with receivers who on any other team would be on the practice squad. Wentz’s ability to be mobile in the pocket along with his ability to pinpoint his receivers allowed his to have great success this season. Wentz’s success was aided by Doug Peterson’s offensive mastermind. Peterson was able to give his team chances by drawling up plays that would keep the defense on their toes. Peterson drew up plays for short passes to the tight end and running back that would set them up for a shot down field. The style of play would have worked much better if Deshawn Jackson didn’t get hurt week 1, but he stuck with it and it won them the NFC East.  

The Eagles also had many struggles this season too. The most glaring one is the amount of injuries they suffered this season. Key players like Deshawn Jackson, Jordan Howard, Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor, Lane Johnson, Brandon Brooks, and many other went out this year due to injury. Aside from injury, our offensive coordinator, Mike Groh, did a terrible job running the offense. Although he never ran plays, the Eagles offense saw little skill improvement this year. His job was to critique and coach the players, but he was rarely seen doing so on the sidelines. Another struggle was ball security. Both Carson Wentz and rookie standout Miles Sanders were not good when it came to holding onto the ball. Wentz fumbled the ball 14 times this season, which is almost 1 per game. In order to be successful, you need to take care of the ball. The Eagles this season fumbled the ball a total of 31 times, which is pretty much twice per game. The Eagles certainly had their fair share of troubles this year. 


Overall, I believe that it was a good yet frustrating season for the Eagles. They lost many games they should have won, like against the Dolphins and Lions, and they won big games against the Packers and Cowboys. If they can stay healthy next year, they should be a Super Bowl contender. With Sanders and Howard in the Backfield, Ertz and Alshon Jeffery to pass to, Wentz should have a field day next year. On the defense side, Fletcher Cox and Brandon Grahm should be able to put pressure constantly while Avonte Maddox and Corey LeBlanc should be able to lock down the passing game.  


Image credit: NBCPhiladelphia.com

Being a basketball player, the most important piece of equipment is a great pair of shoes.  Personally, I prefer a mid-top shoe with great traction and if that is the shoe you are looking for, the Kyrie 5 is the shoe for you.  I will be reviewing the traction, cushion, and the materials.   


Nike basketball shoe


Traction:  The Kyrie 5 has one of the best tractions in the game.  All of Kyrie’s shoes have had amazing traction because of Kyrie’s unique style of play.  He has one of the best handles of all time, as well as finishing abilities.  The Kyrie 5 has a curved outsole, which allows you to grip the floor better when you are making a hard crossover.  The only thing I would change with the outsole is how soft the rubber is.  It still holds up but would last much longer if it was a harder rubber.  


Cushion: This has a unique cushion set up.  It uses the zoom turbo cushion.  It is much thinner than the regular zoon cushion.  It does not provide much impact protection, but it gets the job done.  I like the zoom turbo more than regular zoom because it allows me to be lower to the court and get more court feel.  I would like to see Nike incorporate their react cushion into a basketball shoe.  It would make the shoe comfy and would still keep you low to the ground.   


Materials:  The shoe is made of some sort of thick mesh which doesn’t allow for your feet to breathe.  Although it keeps your foot trapped in the shoe, it is very comfortable.  I would have liked for the shoe to have an upper similar to the Lebron 16, a breathable flyknit upper. Thishoe has “Flytrap”, a patent leather strap with flywire incorporated into the sides for maximum lockdown.  The shoe could overall make some improvements with the materials.   


All in all, the Kyrie 5 is one of my top 3 basketball shoes of all time.  It is a great performer and will keep you from slipping on the court.  I would most definitely recommend this shoe to any player in the game.  It is one of the most versatile shoes.   


Image credit: StockX.com

The Garlic is a restaurant known for its classic Italian foods and style. This amazing restaurant that will have you back for more once you try is located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, which is just south of Daytona Beach. This unique eatery is perfect for a romantic dinner for two or a party of however many people you have. The food can be pricey, but every penny spent is worth it. If you’re hoping to get a table, it would be best if you called in early with a reservation before they open at 4pm. There are many great things to experience in the restaurant such as; the food, setting/decor, and the service.  


The food is not the only wonderful thing The Garlic has to offer but it is one favorited by many. For example, the menu has anything from common chicken tenders and fries to old recipes that could probably be found by anyone's Italian great grandmotherThe different range of options to choose from will most certainly haveinterior of the garlic restaurant a little bit of something for everyone. The desserts will also have you coming back for more, with different dessert specials each night. This restaurant has a lot to offer and it is all amazing. 


The location is also one to want to see. This restaurant may seem just like any other, but once you step inside you will notice it is something hard to beat. Once you step inside you will see the beautiful décor and trees growing through the floor up and out of the ceiling. This is very different and was a cool experience to see trees growing through the restaurant.  


Lastly, but certainly not least the service of the employees is wonderful as well. The waiters and waitresses are just nice genuine people who make it known that they do care about their customers. All together this unique place will have you coming back for more. So, if you ever get the chance to visit near New Smyrna Beach, FL make sure this stop is on your bucket list.   


Image credit: Destiny Pilling

Star Wars Logo


The Rise of Skywalker (RoS) was released December 20th, 2019, and recently on Digital and DVD/BluRay. The movie was met with harsh criticism from critics, and some praise from the audience. There is a huge divide, the critics don’t like it and the audience thinks it’s pretty good. Who is correct? Does RoS live up to its expectations? RoS is the 9th Star Wars movie in the “Skywalker Saga”. The Sequel trilogy consists of 3 movies, and those movies are sometimes called the worst movies out of all nine by some fans. Does the RoS deserve to be put in this category?  


**Spoilers Follow**


The Rise of Skywalker is pretty dope. The action is pretty good, the story is pretty good. Every Star Wars movie has been leading up to this movie, so this movie must complete the story. I think the ending is fine, and the return of Palpatine is a twist. However, his return partially messes up some of the previous movie. Him being so persistent in ruling the galaxy is cool. The dude literally made an entire secret army just to have power over the galaxy, and he revived himself after being blown to shreds. Overall, the story is fine, and the action is fine. 


The characters in the story are one of the most hated things in the Sequel trilogy. However, the characters in the RoS are fine. Every real character from the original trilogy has died, and the new characters aren’t terrible. Kylo Ren is probably the best character out of all of them, finally being redeemed at the end of the movie. There aren’t any characters that are particularly annoying in the movie, most of them fulfil their stories that have been developed. Overall, the movie’s characters aren’t bad. 


Some things that are annoying about the movie is the four fakeout death scenes. First, it looks like Chewbacca is killed in an explosion from a ship, but he wasn’t actually in the ship. Then it looks like C3PO gets “killed” by extracting his memory, but he just gets his memory back. Then Kylo gets stabbed in the chest but Rey heals him with force healing. Finally, Rey gets her life sucked out of her by Palpatine but Kylo gives his life to revive her. That is probably the most annoying part of the movie, even 1 fakeout death would be annoying. Also, the film was obviously rushed, and that part is annoying. This movie also tries to pretend the last movie didn’t happen, which is also annoying.  


Besides the bad things which are very few parts of the movie, the movie is pretty good. People either hate it or love it. It is a pretty good ending to the Skywalker Saga, and it is a must see. If it were to get a rating, it deserves an 8/10. Out of all the movies in the sequels, this one is pretty good. 


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Sting Rays is a Restaurant that is built into a truck stop located on the eastern shore of Virginia. They have many local catches from the area, Rockfish being one of them. Sting Rays makes all of their sides in house like their mac n’ cheese, French fries, and waffle fries just to name a few. Seafood isn't the only thing they serve; some other things include nachos that are quite delicious. For most of their seafood you can have it one of two ways, broiled, or fried. Personally, I like my seafood broiled but that choice is up to you.  


Sting Rays Restaurant


The one problem with this place is the distance from home. It’s not exactly that close since its all the way in Virginia. But it is on a frequently traveled road so you could always stop by on your way to your destination. Sting Rays is certainly worth adding an hour to your trip wherever it is that you're going.  


Sting Rays is very popular among the truckers that pass by. This makes it a very good and accessible location. The Restaurant is almost never empty and for a good reason. The fact that you don’t have to divert off your route and don’t have to go down miles worth of back road to get there.  


There is plenty to do around Sting Rays with Virginia Beach just over the bridge. That being one of the most popular Beaches in the country there is plenty to do there. Just down the street there is Kiptopeke state park Which has lodging, a very nice beach, large network of trails, and room for Campers. Overall this Sting Rays has great Food, good location is you happen to be traveling by, and there are plenty things to keep you entertained if you decide to spend a weekend down at the Eastern Shore. 


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*Editor's Note: In an effort to give students a sample review article in Journalism class, prior to them writing their own reviews, Mr. Kallen wrote this review of one of his favorite restaurants. He has decided to share it here*

            Casaldi’s Cucina Restaurant in Linwood’s Central Square has been serving up Italian favorites with a side of great service since they opened in 2016. Atlantic County is a hot bed of Italian restaurants, pizza shops that think they are Italian restaurants, and diners with Italian “specialties”. There are many things that set Casaldi’s Cucina apart from the many other options in the surrounding area. The food, the ambiance, and the staff make Casaldi’s a must-visit for locals and visitors to the area alike.

            The menu at Casaldi’s is expansive, offering many choices, and its daily specials will force you to try something new whenever you visit. Soups are made in-house by Chef Dino and never disappoint; some of his The June's rigatoni dish at casaldi’s cucina restaurantbest efforts include Italian wedding (escarole with mini meatballs) and lentil soup. During a recent visit, one of the specials was a braciole, something not often found at any run-of-the-mill Italian restaurant. This braciole was perfectly seasoned and prepared, the meat was tender and tasty, and the side of pasta it came with completed the meal. Another favorite off of the regular menu is June’s Rigatoni (pictured at right), which is a house-made blush sauce served over rigatoni and topped with a perfectly fried chicken cutlet. The desserts are plentiful and the tiramisu is the house specialty.

            While many restaurants have good food, Casaldi’s accompanies its food with a wonderful ambiance. The restaurant is cozy and feels like eating amongst family. There is a fireplace, which is a great spot to sit by during those cold winter nights, and plenty of tables to accommodate parties of two to however many friends you can bring along with you. Reservations are accepted and recommended, as the restaurant can be quite busy at times.

      woman holding menus in front of a fireplace      Lastly, the staff at Casaldi’s truly makes all of their guests feel as though they are part of the Famiglia, as their shirts read across the back. Of course, famiglia is Italian for family. As this restaurant is a family owned and operated business, Chef Dino, his wife Angie, and Angie’s brother, Joe want everyone to have an experience that rivals Sunday dinners at an Italian grandmother’s table. With an attentive staff serving homemade Italian delights, the mission is definitely accomplished!

        While there are many choices in our area, Casaldi’s Cucina in Linwood delivers on excellently prepared food, a comfortable and cozy ambiance, while being attended to by a friendly staff. Next time you find yourself craving Italian food, give Casaldi’s a chance to win your business; you will not be disappointed. As Angie (left) always says, “Mangia, mangia!”


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Photos courtesy of Casaldi's Cucina Instagram account, @casaldiscucina