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Meet the Hoofprints Staff

Click below to get to know our writers from the Journalism class and Newspaper Club!
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Mr. Kallen at the podium
Mr. Kallen is the advisor to the Newspaper Club as well as the Journalism teacher at MRHS. He has been at Mainland since 2006, and is a 1998 graduate of MRHS. Mr. Kallen is excited to help this intrepid group of young reporters restore Hoofprints to its former glory. In addition to Journalism, Mr. Kallen also teaches English II and Foundations of English.
Guadalupe Carenas
Guadalupe Cardenas is a freshman at Mainland Regional High School. She was born in Mexico; Guadalupe has English as her second language and is a native Spanish speaker. She has been living in Somers Point, New Jersey for 4 years, and just graduated from Jordan Road Middle School. She’s currently in the Honors Journalism class and has interest in human rights, psychology and sociology. She’s looking forward to getting more involved in the Mainland community and making her High School experience the best.
Luca Cocchi
Luca Cocchi is a new member of the Newspaper Club this year at MRHS. He plays basketball and does crew as his hobbies. He is a current member of the MRHS Crew Team. He is a freshman, and is enjoying is time so far at Mainland. Luca is very excited to be pushing out content for the Hoofprints newspaper this year. 
Cindy Cogan

Cindy Cogan is a freshman at Mainland
 Regional Highschool. She is from Linwood and is enjoying high school already. Cindy is eager to write for the school newspaper and is excited about taking Journalism as an elective. Along with being in student council and key club, Cindy looks forward to work with the school newspaper club.  
Evan Falk is a freshman member of the Newspaper Club. He is a big Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers fan. He also loves rock music; some of his favorite bands include Audioslave, Soundgarden, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, and Pearl Jam. Expect some sports and music articles from Evan. 
Anaia Garvin
Anaia is 14 and moved from Pleasantville to Somers Point at age 5. A recent graduate of Jordan Road Middle School, Anaia is now a freshman at MRHS. Anaia's hobbies are drawingwriting and hanging out with friends and family. She is looking forward to having good grades and good year.
Gianna Grasso is one of the reporters in the Hoofprints Newspaper Club. She is a freshman at Mainland Regional High School and can’t wait to contribute her writings to the school newspaper. While being a member of the newspaper club, she is also on the crew team, and in Italian Club. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and going on outdoor adventures.  
Chris Guillen
Chris recently moved from Absecon to Linwood. He is 15 years old and enjoys playing basketball and tennis. He also has four siblings aged 3 to 10. Chris loves attending Mainland Regional High School.


Aidan Murray is a Freshman in high school. He doesn’t do much except for play video games and nap. He likes to watch movies but doesn’t watch television often. He only wants to give the most trustworthy, accurate news ever.  

Luna Navas
Luna Navas is one of the reporters at the Hoofprints Newspaper Club. She is a freshman at Mainland Regional High School and can’t wait to write stories with the rest of Hoofprints. While being a member of Newspaper Club, Luna is also a part of Field Hockey, Dance Club, Choir Club, Student Council, and Book Club. Luna's favorite color is iridescent green, and her favorite number is 35.  
Destiny Pilling
Destiny Pilling is a freshman at Mainland Regional High School. She plays field hockey here at MRHS, and is excited for the new experiences coming in her freshman year. She cannot wait to start writing for the newspaper club!  
Jenell Pistler
Jenell is a Sophomore and a participant and writer for the Hoofprints. She has been a part of Mainland’s Marching Band for 2 years. Jenell is a big fan of music and Broadway; one of her favorite artists is a boyband called Why Don’t We. In the future, Jenell wants to be a journalist.  
Aaron Thompson is a big sports fan, both playing and watching them. He is a freshman at Mainland Regional High School. Aaron is from Northfield and has lived there is entire life. He cannot wait to experience high school and all it has to offer.
Zach Vasser
Zach Vasser is a freshman at Mainland Regional High School. He is a huge sports fan, as he plays various sports as well. He is very friendly and loves to help out the community. Zach also loves to write, so you can always rely on him to write a creative article. 
Paige Whitley
Paige Whitley is a Freshman at Mainland. She is from Linwood and is enjoying high school. She is very excited to write about current events and important stories that will entertain and inform students. Paige plays tennis and rows crew for the school. In addition to working with the Newspaper Club, she is a part of Key Club, Reach Out and Read, and Student Council. Paige is taking Journalism as an elective and is excited to work with the Newspaper Club.  
Hanna Hammoud is a Senior member of the Newspaper Club this year at MRHS. She loves anything and everything with writing and literature, from Hemingway to modern journalism. She also enjoys drawing, gaming, cooking, eating, and catching up on the latest current affairs. Hanna can’t wait to kick off her Senior
year with the Newspaper Club!
Hanna Hammoud photo