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Meet the 2020-21 Hoofprints Staff

Mr. Kallen
Mr. Kallen is the Editor in Chief of Hoofprints. This is the third year that he has been running the school paper while being the advisor to the Newspaper Club. Mr. Kallen also teaches Honors Journalism, College Prep English, and Foundational English. He is hoping to expand on the success of the digital paper in its second year, despite limitations of being mostly virtual. Mr. Kallen is a 1998 graduate of MRHS and holds a BA in English from Gettysburg College (2002) and an MA in English Literature and Reading from Southern New Hampshire University (2016). Mr. Kallen enjoys spending time with his five dogs, traveling, Broadway shows, and the Boston Red Sox.
Carlvin Altidor
Carlvin Altidor is a sophomore at Mainland Regional High School, he is from Somers Point and is 15 years old. Carlvin enjoys playing sports and hanging out with friends; Carlvin plays soccer at Mainland.
Sophia Batioja
Sophia is a Freshman member of the Newspaper club at Mainland Regional High School. She has lived in Utah, Nevada, and Indiana before settling in New Jersey. Now, she lives in Linwood with her parents, 3 younger siblings, and dog, Oreo. In her free time, she enjoys reading, drawing, baking, and cooking. Aside from writing in the newspaper, Sophia is also a part of both Key and Italian Club. She is excited to be a part of Hoofprints and can’t wait to see what the year will bring!  
Morgan Brennan is a Senior at Mainland Regional Highschool and lives in Northfield. She partakes in several organizations and clubs here at Mainland such as the Swim Team, Dance Club, Class Council, and National Honor Society. Morgan enjoys spending her free time swimming in the ocean, traveling with her family and friends, and taking photos. She is looking forward to savoring her last few months of high school and assisting in writing for the school newspaper! 
Danielle Bruning
Danielle is a Senior at Mainland Regional High school. She is eager and excited about being a Senior member of the Yearbook Club. Danielle enjoys spending time with her friends and listening to music in her down time. She has lived in Somers Point for 18 years, enjoys reading and also writing. Danielle wants to major in Marine Biology in college.
Gabby Cetrone is from Linwood. She is a sophomore at Mainland. She enjoys playing basketball, golfinglistening to music, and drawing. She participated on Mainland’s basketball and volleyball teams last year and may go out for the teams again this year. She is so excited to be a part of Hoofprints.  
Angela Claveria
Angela Claveria is a junior at Mainland Regional High School. This is her first year joining the Newspaper Club, and she is extremely excited to be working with the rest of the students. She is part of a few other clubs, including Marching Band, Drama Club, Stage Crew, Asian Culture Club, and Rally for Diversity. During her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, baking, and journaling. Angela is an all-around person; she is always pursuing new hobbies and trying out activities that interest her. In the future, she hopes of studying aerospace engineering and physics.
Brendan Conway a Senior at Mainland; he likes to watch movies, write, and play video games. Brendan also tries to keep up with all of the latest events. He hopes to have a great time in Journalism this year. 
Isabella D'Agostino
Isabella D’Agostino is a member of the Mainland Newspaper Club. She is a freshman at Mainland this year, and even through the difficult times, she is doing her very best to enjoy the year. In addition to being in the Newspaper Club, she is in Italian Club, Photography Club, and will be playing softball for the school team. Her favorite color is green, her lucky number is 1, her favorite Disney character is Donald Duck, and she loves to put her writing skills to the test.  
Bella Disdori
Bella Disidori is a freshman at MRHSShe is very excited to be starting high school and reporting for the HoofprintsBesides from writing, Bella is also a Mainland cheerleader, and a part of Italian club. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and snuggling with her puppy.  
Drew Garvey
Drew Garvey is a new member of the Hoofprints Newspaper Club. He is a senior at Mainland Regional High School. He is currently in Mr. Kallen’s Honors Journalism class. He likes to spend his free time hanging out with friends, writing, and taking pictures. He is excited to write informative stories on topics often not covered for Hoofprints. 
Sienna Gizelbach is a freshman at Mainland Regional High School this year. She is from Northfield and has lived there since fourth grade. Sienna is very excited about taking journalism as an elective and excited that she can write her own entries Mainland’s Hoofprints. Along with being a student, Sienna runs for the Mainland cross country teams and plays lacrosse.
My name is Pauline Leiderman, and I am a freshman this year at Mainland. I enjoy doing most things having to do with music and acting like singing, dancing, and musicals. I also love to cook (especially pasta dishes) and play tennis.  
Lauren Miraglia
Lauren Miraglia is a junior at Mainland Regional High School. She has taken two years of creative writing with a few published pieces in the Current and is very eager to write some more. Lauren can’t wait to share her voice with her fellow students at Mainland.
Julia Moore
Julia Moore is a freshman participant of the Newspaper Club this year at Mainland. She is from Linwood and is excited to entertain and inform readers through Hoofprints. She enjoys dancing every genre at the New Motion Dance Studio, running on the Mainland XC team, and spending time with friends and family.  She is thrilled to be in the Journalism class and for a great first year at Mainland! 
Jack Roscoe
Jack Roscoe is a freshman at Mainland Regional Highschool. He lives in Linwood and is enjoying his time with Mainland so far. Jack likes to swim and hang out and bike around with friends. He is in symphonic band and is excited to see what stories he can tell through journalism. He likes to write on about current news topics as well as giving reviews.  
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Kylie Smith is a freshman at Mainland Regional and previously attended NCS. She is making the best out of the situation we are all in and is enjoying high school thus far. Kylie plays soccer for the school, is a part of student council and plans to join other clubs and sports. She is very excited to write for the school newspaper and inform the students on what’s going on here and the world.  
Jacob Weeks's baby photo
My name is Jacob Charles Weeks. I would like to keep this brief, as I would rather my writings illustrate my personality for me. I am a Linwood resident and have lived close to Mainland for most of my life. Although I am not particularly religious, I do take the lessons from my Jewish beliefs to heart. I can only recount a few words that can display who I am almost perfectly: passionate, personable, and proudful. I love playing and watching soccer almost as much as crafting pieces of literature. Finally, I am always chasing after something. This something is may not always be defined; however, the singular thought of having something to look towards is what drives my determination in life. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be my biggest flaw.
Kyra White
Kyra White is a junior at Mainland from Northfield. She participates in cross country and swim. Her favorite hobbies are going to the beach and spending time with friends and family. Kyra chose journalism as an elective because she enjoys writing and wants to improve her skills. This is Kyra’s first year in Newspaper Club and is excited and looking forward to being a part of the club. 
John Wood is a junior at Mainland; he is 16 years old, and is from Linwood. John enjoys writing about sports, especially baseball. John is a member of the Mainland Baseball Team that he feels has State Championship potential. He has been playing baseball his whole life.