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Breakfast foods

In Ventnor City, New Jersey, lies a newly commissioned restaurant: Velo Café. The café lies on the corner of Ventnor Avenue, and across from the Surf Shack. The restaurant opened on July 2, 2019, and through the time that they have been opened, they have won eleven awards: Neighborhood Gem (2), Seafood, Best Service, Outdoor Dining (2), Best Value, Best Food, Fit for Foodies, Healthy, and Best Overall. Owners Nenad Gorgiev and Peter Petrov are both a part of the PST soccer organization that is open to many throughout the state. They play in tournaments all across New Jersey, and practice with many excellent trainers. In addition to managing a state-wide soccer organization, Peter has been in business for over 14 years, eventually escalating to become manager and direction of operations for the largest food service contracting company in the country. With the help of Nenad and many friends, Peter has been able to raise a well-oriented restaurant that serves fresh food from fresh farms. Velo has been approved to open another location closer to the beaches and shore at Vassar Square Condominiums. They have been put on hold due to Covid-19 but will resume to their initial plans as soon as possible. With this in mind, they have been taking safe precautions at their restaurant, such as immediate sanitation after every table is emptied, hand sanitizer in multiple locations throughout the restaurant, and masks worn by every employee throughout the workday.  

The restaurant has been reviewed as a five-star restaurant on several occasions and recommended to friends by 100% of peopleIt has been rated a 4.7 overall as well. It is said to obtain “Excellent quality food and great service!” and one person even said “This restaurant serves wonderful meals. During this difficult time, one forgets, and we simply enjoy the evening. The conditions are very sanitary as well.”  

Velo Café serves meals that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Their orale benedict is two poached eggs placed on top of a sweet potato lightly layered in a mouthwatering two in one (sweet and spicy) chipotle hollandaise sauce and topped with sautéed jalapenos, chorizo, and fresh avocado. “It really hits every flavor that you can experience, between the spicy, the sweet and the savory” said by owner Peter Petrov. Take the orale benedict and add a homemade, layered frappe on the side, and you have yourself a breakfast that you can’t find anywhere else. The frappe consists of espresso (or decaf dependent on preference), milk (also dependent on preference), and thin, foamy layer of coffee on top. They also serve banana Nutella crepes with powdered sugar, homemade and freshly served. The lemon ricotta crepes hit a different part of your palate, where one crepe hits sweet and sugary, and where the other hits sugary and tangy.  

Taking all of these factors into consideration, and through all of my meals that I have eaten at Velo, I would rate it a 5/5. Their employees make everyone feel safe, even those who fear the virus. They have a top-notch chef, Sal Giambrone, who has years of experience and adds his own kick to his plates. The food is off the charts, and really does hit every part of your tastebuds, no matter what you order. The employees are so sweet, and so polite, and put your safety and comfort first. I would recommend Velo Café to everyone I know, especially if you’re looking for a family-friendly, local restaurant to eat at.  


Image from Velo Cafe website