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2021-22 "Hoofprints" Staff

Mr. Kallen
This is Mr. Kallen's fourth year running the Newspaper Club and teaching journalism at MRHS. He is an alumni of MRHS ('98) who got his start with a letter to the then Hoofprints editor, circa 1996-7. Now that he's running the show, he loves helping students reach their full potential as writers and young journalists. Mr. Kallen has a BA in English from Gettysburg College and an MA in English from Southern New Hampshire University; he also teaches special education English and reading. In his free time, Mr. Kallen cheers on the Red Sox, loves to travel, and spend time at home with his dogs.
Fran Bozzi
Franchesca Bozzi is a Senior at Mainland Regional Highschool. She is very excited to be participating in her first year of Newspaper Club! Franchesca is involved in many other school activities, such as Student Council, Class Council, Key Club, Drama Club, and NJDFL. Outside of school, she loves to read, listen to music, and binge watch movies and tv shows. Franchesca has always had a passion for writing and hopes to pursue a career in journalism in the future. She’s ready to be a part of the Hoofprints staff! 
Natalie Brady
Natalie is currently in her senior year at Mainland Regional High School! Bringing two years of her Creative Writing experience into the Newspaper Club, this female is super excited about adding her own unique twist to HoofprintsWhile not in Mainland, Natalie can be seen blasting music with some of her closest friends by her side as well as creating art pieces on the sidelines. With fresh ideas spewing from her head constantly, Natalie can’t wait to write all about her opinions and experiences this schoolyear. 
ryan brown
Ryan is a senior at Mainland from Northfield. He’s been on the swim team all four years and this is his first year taking part in Hoofprints. Ryan is also a part of National Honor Society and the Ecology Club. He looks forward to writing for the paper. 
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Bella Cocchi is a freshman at MRHS and enjoys being in a new school. She plays volleyball and does multiple clubs at this school. Bella is determined to learn Italian. She is interested in the media, so she takes Journalism and Media Production. Cocchi is excited to be a part of Mainland and to start her high school experience.  
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Sofia Day is a freshman member of the Newspaper club at Mainland Regional High School. Her family consists of her parents, two sisters, and two dogs. For school sports she runs cross country and plays lacrosse. In her free time, she enjoys surfing and hanging out with friends. Her favorite thing to do is travel with her family and find new places to surf. She is excited to be part of the Hoofprints, and is excited to start writing.  
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Kyle DeGaetano is a Junior at Mainland. Sophomore year he rowed for the school in the JV 8 and won Countys. This year, he’s making career advancements by flying and working three days a week. He chose this class since writing is another one of his passions. He’s very excited to be a part of Hoofprints this year. 
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Born at Atlantic City medical center, mainland division came out a small baby and her name is Elyse Dicristofaro. Fourteen years went by, and here I am. A short girl who is independentinquisitive and talkative once you get to know her. I enjoy spending time with friends and family while doing things like listening to music, talking, and playing games, etc. I dislike heights, talking in front of a lot of people and tomatoes. Which is ironic because I’m Italian. The Italian came from my dad's side, and I’m also Hawaiian which came from my mom's side. I have one sister who is in college loving the freedom she has. I love my family and to me that’s what matters the most. 
bella disidori
Bella Disidori is a sophomore at MRHSShe is very excited to be reporting for the Hoofprints. Besides from writing, Bella is also a Mainland cheerleaderan Italian club officer, and in mock trial. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and snuggling with her puppy.  
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Anna Ekstrom is a first-year student at Mainland and is in Honors journalism. She enjoys collecting crystals, watching Netflix and spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys reading books, poetry and writing for her journalism class.
aislinn fagan
Aislinn Fagan is a junior at Mainland. She took Creative Writing her freshman and sophomore year and plans on continuing to pursue writing through Honors Journalism. She is the Editor of Mainland's Literary Art Magazine and has had work published in the Current. Besides Lit Mag, she is a manager of the football team and partakes in Spanish Club, Key Club, Ambassador’s Club, and now Newspaper Club! Outside of school, she takes ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical dance classes. She is so excited to be a part of Hoofprints this year and can’t wait to share her work.
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Lucas Geromini is a senior and Honors Journalism student at Mainland Regional High School. Growing up in Linwood, New Jersey, he has always been fond of learning about current events and being attentive towards what is happening in the world. During his free time, Lucas loves to try out new plant-based recipes, read, and pursue new hobbies. Lucas enjoys staying involved, and is extremely excited to begin his first-year writing for Hoofprints. In college, Lucas hopes to study biochemistry to later work as a physician; becoming a published author is another one of Lucas’ dreams. 
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Emily Gervacio is 14 years old and a Freshmen at Mainland Regional High School. Emily not only enjoys spending time with her family and friends, but also listening to music at full blast. She’s obsessed with anything yellow, going to the beach, and going on roller coasters she knows she cannot handle. Durning her free time, Emily likes to paint, bake, and go online shopping. Emily currently doesn’t play any sports or participate in any clubs but hopes to be in one by the end of the school year. 
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Will LaPointe is a Sophomore at Mainland Regional High School. He is 15 years old and is from Linwood, New Jersey. Will plays basketball and baseball for Mainland. Will cannot wait to start his year off in Journalism and is excited for what is to come.
Erin Merenich
Erin Merenich is a 17-year-old senior at Mainland. She is a part of the Student Council, Class Council, Fishing Club, and now Hoofprints. Additionally, in previous years she managed volleyball, participated in track, and was in French and Yearbook Club. She loves to read; her favorite book is Anne of Green Gables, which she read as an independent reading novel while in Mr. McDevitt's English class. She is currently reading Frankenstein and hopes to finish 20 books by the end of this year. In her free time she likes to bake, spend time with friends and family, and travel. Some fun facts about Erin are she was born on the longest day of the year, June 21, otherwise known as the Summer Solstice Day, and she is left-handed She plans to study History, English, Marketing, and possibly Journalism in college. She looks forward to writing reviews and opinion pieces for Hoofprints  
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Jakob Meserole is a 16-year-old from Linwood, New Jersey. He enjoys being outside, hiking, and hanging out with friends. Jakob likes to watch action and horror movies, and plays video games with his friends. He likes history and english related subjects. He is looking forward to a good year in Journalism and hopes to learn as much as he can.  
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Charlee is a sophomore member of the newspaper club. She is from Somers Point and is excited to be starting her second year of high school at Mainland. Despite doing no clubs last year, this year Charlee is in Key Club, Ecology Club and Yearbook. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, spending time with her family, reading and baking.  
julia moore
Julia Moore is a sophomore participant of the Newspaper Club this year at Mainland. She is from Linwood and is excited to entertain and inform readers through Hoofprints. She enjoys dancing every genre at the New Motion Dance Studio, cheerleading and running track at Mainland, and spending valuable time with friends and family. In addition to being in Newspaper club she is also in the Key Club and Dance Club. She is thrilled to write for the Newspaper for the second year in a row and for another great year at Mainland! 
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Lauren Quinn is a freshman at Mainland Regional High School. She lives in Egg Harbor Township with her parents and her three sisters. She enjoys playing field hockey, swimming, and softball. Lauren is part of the Yearbook Club, Photo Club, and Student Council. She also loves listening to music, hanging out with friends, and writing. Also, she is overly excited to start writing for the paper and is wondering what she should write first.
jack roscoe
Jack Roscoe is a 15 year old sophomore at Mainland Regional High School. Jack is in Academic Team, Key Club, and Newspaper Club. He enjoys hanging out with friends, video games, swimming, and petting his dog.  Jack likes to write about current events and topics that interest him, like astronomy and biology.
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Julia Sarraiocco is a freshman at MainlandShe lives in Northfield and in the past year went to NCS. Julia enjoys playing field hockey, volunteering for key club, and helping with the yearbook. She is going to join more sports and clubs. Julia is excited to write about things that are happening in the world for the school paper! 
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Charlotte Thomas is a sophomore at Mainland and is from Linwood. She enjoys playing soccer, listening to music, reading, and rowing crew. She loves to go on bike rides with her friends and to go out to eat. Her favorite activity is surfing and her favorite place to go is the beach.  
sarah thomas
Hi, my name is Sarah Thomas, and I am a senior at Mainland this yearI play soccer and enjoy being around my teammates during the Fall. I am deeply passionate about reading and writing, and plan to continue to grow my knowledge by majoring in digital journalism and marketing in college! My dream school is Syracuse University, and I love New York City. I hope one day to live right in Manhattan. I enjoy traveling and am constantly planning trips that may or may not happen. My favorite artists are the Lumineers, Kings of Leon and Bon Iver. I have two sisters and a dog named Lucky! I am looking forward to this year and writing for Hoofprints!  
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Jenell Sistler is a senior at Mainland Regional High School. She has been apart of the Newspaper Club since her sophomore year. She is also in the Marching Band, show choir, and stage crew for drama club. She plans on going to college for Public Relations.
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Betsy Torres-Hernandez is a senior at Mainland Regional High School and lives in Somers Point. She is typically very quiet and reserved so you won’t hear much from her, that is unless you’re not in her house. Outside of school, she can be very loud and social when it comes to being with the people she’s comfortable with. She is a huge art nerd and has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil, with big dreams of becoming an animator in the future. She is also a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and would love to make friends with others within the community as well. Please refer to her using she/they pronouns since that is what she feels most comfortable with.  
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Tyler Waters is 14 and a freshman at Mainland. He is from Linwood. He enjoys playing sports and plays for Mainland. Tyler also enjoys hanging out with friends.