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Jennette McCurdy may seem like she has a perfect life on social media, but that has not always been the case 


Twenty-nine-year-old Jennette McCurdy is famous for playing Sam Puckett in the Nickelodeon show called “iCarly” from (2007 to 2012), and in the show “Sam & Cat” from (2013 - 2014.)  

McCurdy watched her mother, Debbie, and her father Mark fight physically through her childhood. Debbie’s outbursts would often turn violent.  


Jennette McCurdy


Sadly, Jannette's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was only a young child and passed away in 2013. For 17 years, Debbie battled breast cancer, and was able to go into remission only to have it spread to her brain in 2010.  


Jannette McCurdy was not interested in acting; it was her mother who wanted her to become famous. McCurdy’s mother always dreamed of becoming a famous actor, which led her to become obsessed with making Jannette famous at such a young age.  


Being the youngest out of four children, and the only daughter, Jannette McCurdy was pushed into acting by the time she was six years old by her mother Dibbie. And because of that Jennette felt like it was her responsibility to be the star her mother wanted her to be and was determined to make her mom proud.  


Mccurdy's mother would do things ther such as bleach her hair, whiten her teeth, and count the calories she ate, all before she was even a pre-teen. 


Jannette claims that her mother would often perform physical examinations on her such as vaginal and breast exams that lasted from the age of 14 when she was starring in on the Nickelodeon show “iCarly, up until she was 17. Jannette McCurdy was not allowed to shower alone also until the age of 17.  


Jannette also suffered from anorexia (or in other words) an eating disorder that was introduced to her by her mother at the age of 11.  


Jennette McCurdy was not aware of her eating disorder until one day when she overheard a doctor talking with her mother about it a year later when she had lost X amount of weight and was as skinny as a stickMcCurdy believes she would still be suffering from an eating disorder today if her mother were still alive. She claims that “only distance” from her mother allowed her to be healthy.  


This is not the first time Jannette has opened up about her childhood drama.  


In July 2021, Jennette appeared on “Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown” and reviled how her anorexia started 

Jannette McCurdy left her career in Hollywood and started doing projects of her own such as a one-woman comedy tour called “I’m Glad My Mom Died” witch according to her website states that she is currently penning a memoir of the same nameAnd although Jennette’s mother, Debbie, put her through a lot of physical and mental painJennette says she does not hold it against her at all. She believes her mother simply could not help it since she also suffered from anorexia and was hospitalized on several occasions when she was a teenager.  


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'iCarly' star Jennette McCurdy recalls physical, emotional abuse from mother during childhood (msn.com) 

Popular rap artist Eminem (Marshall Mathers) opened his own spaghetti restaurant. It is named “Mom’s Spaghetti” after his famous lyric from the 2002 song Lose Yourself. It is located in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.  

The grand opening was on September 29, where Eminem surprised his customers by serving them himself. Many fans camped out all day for a spot in line, which ended up stretching for blocks. He was quickly recognized by fans, who posted pictures on social media of him serving Italian food on his menu. On the menu is Mom’s Spaghetti for $9, Mom’s Spaghetti with Meatballs for $12, and a ‘Sgetti Sandwich - spaghetti on bread - for $11.  

Eminem experimented with the eatery as a pop-up restaurant in 2017. Now, in 2021, he is officially ready.  

“Mom’s Spaghetti—it's all ready,” is even the catchphrase in a promo for the restaurant.  

The restaurant has limited seating and a walk-up window. It also has “the Trailer," a trailer park-styled gift shop for Eminem merchandise. 

Before the restaurant opened, it made many appearances at Eminem festival performances and has also delivered food to front-line hospital workers and COVID-19 vaccinators in Detroit during the pandemic.  eminem serving food

Eminem and his manager Paul Rosenberg partnered with Union Joints restaurant group to create this permanent location. 

“We’re proud of the fact that we created a scratch sauce that tastes like it’s straight from the jar, and wok-firing the noodles gives it that leftover pasta snap,” said Curt Catallo, a co-owner of Union Joints restaurant group. “The walk-up window and small diner-like spot for people to eat add to the feeling that this is a homegrown, DIY experience.” 

One reviewer from the Detroit News writes, “The noodles are cooked just right, not too al dente and not mushy. The sauce smells sweeter than t tastes and has more of a tangy flavor. There’s a hint of basil, some parmesan for texture, a flagrancy of garlic and it’s less salty than your low-end sauce from a jar. The portion, served in a huge Chinese food-style takeout container open at the top with a plastic fork and a slice of garlic toast sticking out, is massive and heavy...The s’ghetti sandwich was strangely more alluring than the two-pound bucket of pasta, but not any less messy. Smashed between two buttery slices of Texas toast-style garlic bread is a bit of spaghetti and two thick slices of melted white cheese.”   

After meeting Eminem, one fan told the Detroit News, “This has been my dream my whole life.” She even mentions that the rapper signed her container. 

Eminem has won 15 Grammy's, 17 Billboard Music Awards, 12 MTV Video Music Awards, and an Oscar. He has also been nominated for a Golden Globe. 




Eminem spaghetti shop opens in his hometown of Detroit : NPR 

Eminem served pasta to guests at his restaurant … 


Eminem's Mom's Spaghetti is most hyped restaurant in Detroit, but is it good? (detroitnews.com) 


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