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Tech is the present and the future; Hoofprints writers tackle the subject here.
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     In New Jersey, people are returning from covid and looking to start working again. Gov. Phil Murphy will be introducing 3,000 new jobs involving technology. Technology jobs are the future of the world, everything is centered around technology and most things are made from technology. The jobs Murphy is adding will pay an average of $100,000 per year making a good amount of money. The job varies in what is done but all of them involve technology. The jobs will be located at Connell Park inside a 343,000 square foot building. The company is based out of Wisconsin. There could be one problem with the introduction of all these new technology jobs. People aren't wanting to work right now, with unemployment paying enough there isn't motivation for people to want to work at these jobs. These jobs might have to come man holding computer with holograms on itwith benefits or possibly more motivation for people to want to go out of their way to work there. A possible solution with these jobs is that they are going to be introduced in late 2022 which will hopefully be a time where the pandemic is over and unemployment is stopped. These jobs also might show to be easy and well enough paying that more would be introduced into New Jersey. As Phil Murphy stated, “This is our global future”, the world is technologically based and the introduction of these jobs will continue to show the use of jobs in technology. These jobs could be extremely helpful to New Jersey and the economy as a whole. New Jersey right now does have a job struggle where people right now aren't wanting to work what so ever because of how much unemployment pays. COVID has made people lazy and not want to work so these jobs might not be good to have right now. 
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