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Susana Kaysen lived what she thought was a normal life, until she was put into a “parallel universe.” After an overdose, Kaysen was sent to psychiatric hospital and diagnosed with borderline personality disorder at 18 years old. Since she was a young woman who was mentally ill in the late 60s, life was especially hard for her and the other patients at McLean HospitalKaysen makes friends in the hospital who helped her survive the two years she spent there. In this book, Girl, Interruptedyou get insight on the horrors that went on in McLean hospital and learn about mental illness. Kaysen talks about borderline personality disorder and what that exactly means. She also makes you question what the difference between sanity and insanity is. 

This book is very honest, which I love. I think Kaysen did a really good job not Girl, interrupted book coversugarcoating anything and telling her truth. Before reading this book, I did not know much about mental illness. This book made me more aware and taught me about some of the science behind mental conditions. It was frustrating to read about the struggles Kaysen faced as a woman in that time period. There were times when doctors did not take her seriously, especially because of her mental illnesses She did a good job conveying the battle between her rational and irrational thoughts.  

Nonfiction books are not my usual pick because I find them a little boring. Some parts of this book were slow for me and felt like they didnt need to be included. This story is not told on a straight timeline, and she jumps back and forth a lot. That got a little bit confusing for me just because I’m not used to reading this style of writing. The way that this book was written felt like a friend was telling you a story but had to keep backtracking to tell you more information. In a way, that made the story more enjoyable because it felt like she was personally telling me her story, but it also made it harder for me to keep up.  

Overall, I thought this book was very good. Even though I was lost at times I still really enjoyed reading it. There are many amazing quotes in this book including, “Was insanity just a matter of dropping the act?” Despite the very serious topic this book has it still managed to make me laugh. The relationships between the girls in the hospital weren’t perfect, but you can tell that they really cared for each other. This book is a fast read with only 168 pages and I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in phycology 

Luca’s Pizza has always been my favorite pizza place. It’s been a place I had gone to ever since I was just a toddler. My mother used to manage at the mall this place is located, so I would show up all the time to grab a slice. I had never actually taken the time to say anything about it. Of course, since it is my favorite pizza place, I will be speaking very light-heartedly about this place. 

Luca’s is in the Cumberland County Mall. When you walk inside, you take in a big whiff of fresh crust and are immediately greeted by the chefs. They are so delightful and seem as if they very much inside Luca's Pizza restaurantenjoy what they do. Once you get all your food that you ordered them to get, you walk into a stunning room, where places from all over Italy are painted on the walls. At the front of the room, there are windows to the mall, and you can look at all the shoppers doing their things while you look at the amazing art that it set in front of you. 

The restaurant was established in 1973, and they have a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor. Personally, I believe that that is the correct rating for this restaurant. I would understand why some people would put lower ratings. Some say that the pizza is overpriced. I understand why they would be in on that, though. For a plain slice of pizza, it is 3.25, but usually in malls food is more expensive.  

What wraps this whole review together is, of course, their amazing pizza. Their cheese is so stretchy and freshUsually in other pizza places I have been to, the cheese is never stretchy, and sometimes the cheese is dry. Like Domino’s, for example. Even though Domino’s is known for their pizza, I never actually go for their pizza. I don’t find the pizza enjoyable, and I actually just go for the cheesy bread. Honestly, it makes my craving for pizza go down. Luca’s, on the other hand, makes their cheese excellent. Their crust is thin to a perfect extent. Sometimes in other restaurants, the crust is hard and burnt. People sometimes forget how incredibly important the crust is, and that it’s not just the cheese and toppings. Luca’s crusty is easy to bite into and taken care of. Just by biting into their pizza, you can feel the heart and soul put into that singular slice.  

Overall, Luca’s Pizza is an enjoyable place to visit. After a long day of shopping at the Cumberland Mall, you’ll grow tired and have some hunger because all you ate was that sandwich you had before you left. So, Luca’s would be the perfect option for just stopping by and grabbing a slice of pizza, and it would be nice not to drive home running on an empty stomach.