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On Thursday September 30th Vineland schools were informed circulating on social media regarding a school shooting. “I will shoot up the school Thursday September 30. Whoever reads this, this is good warning. This is not a joke, this is an active threat, the social media post stated.” The person who explained this on social media claimed an active threat to the Vineland school. This is unacceptable and not safe for anyone who is going to Vineland school, therefore they shut the school down.  

The district believes that the threat was motivated by a “Tiktok” monthly challenge. Monthly Tiktok challenges have been encouraging teens to do disrespectful things. For example; devious lick, vandalising property, exposing themselves to other students, and physically assaulting staff members. The challenge that motivated the threat was encouraged by destruction, violence, assault, and sexual harassment. Tiktok used to be a fun place where the trends we’re dances, lines from movies, etc. Now the trends are getting out of control. With staff members and students being the target it’s not okay because this is happening in a learning environmentAlso, for terrible things happening to them and then in addition, being posted on social media, for anyone to see.   

 This threat has been very impactful to the Vineland community and other schools around the area because no one ever wants to hear about anyone like friends or family to get hurt or injured. Many people would have no idea who the school shooter was if they were apart of Vineland. That can be scary to many people because they see the person in a whole different perspective not a school shooter. I would be terrified is this happened at my school and many other students would be too. 

This continues to happen all over the country. As of March 2021, there has been 30 school shootings in that year. This puts a lot of weight on the country. Especially people around those cities or states. People are really affected by this because school is supposed to be a safe place for students and kids to learn not for people to bottle all their anger and put it out on innocent people.  



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