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silhouette of girl painting
The different types of art mediums in the art community always show a sense of uniqueness within the origins. Every artist should get the chance to try out at least one or two different mediums from what they’re watercolor of a cactuscomfortable with. They say that you should never just be a “one-trick pony” as it gets boring and repetitive, and you’d never know if trying a new medium will make you enjoy it more than the one, you’re currently doing. If you ever feel bored or uninspired by the art you’re creating, try testing out some new materials. Your options can range from watercolor, oil painting, pastels, charcoal, digital, etc. I’ve had my fair share of times when I was unhappy with the art that I was creating at the time because of how unoriginal it felt. All the steps I took while drawing felt way too routine and too comfortable. It was at this time when I was in my Painting 1 class my art teacher had us all do a lot of watercolor painting and frankly, I dislike watercolors. Though I knew it was something that was out of my comfort zone though I knew I had to take the chance to try to get my train of inspiration going. To be completely honest most of my ideas were not executed the way that I wanted 90% of the time but it was a fun Painting of a girl with devil hornsexperience, though I wish to never see a single watercolor palette near me ever again. Thankfully I was able to get some well-needed inspiration from my endeavors and was able to create some nice art over the next few weeks. I felt like I was better able to depict my emotions through my art after I struggled with painting with watercolors. Furthermore, trying out new art mediums can also help you achieve certain looks that you can only receive with specific types of materials. When using acrylic paints, you can always achieve a style in which you can show your brush strokes with the paint, art markers can give you a bold look with the rich colors that they contain, watercolors leave a nice texture on your paper and the blending between colors are always seamless. You have many options to choose from when it comes to art so don’t trap painting of girl cryingyourself in a little box doing the same thing repeatedly. Another reason why you should broaden your horizon with various types of art mediums is so that you don’t feel like the art you’re creating is a chore. I’ve told my art friends countless times before to not force yourself to draw when you don’t feel like it or try new things with your art, you’d be impressed by how much you can improve from something as simple as that. You’d feel as if you were reborn, a new artist has emerged and moved forward. I say this many times over and over again, the same as any artist would. The key to getting better with your art is practice and doing things out of your comfort zone, no one is just born with amazing art skills, unless you’re someone like Pablo Picasso, then you’ll have an exception there. Take away from this article of the thought of trying new and different mediums so you can become better for your art and for yourself as an artist, you may just find a hidden talent that you can only do with that new art medium. You can give yourself fewer limitations and much more possibilities with what you’ll be capable of in the future.  
Photo Credit: Artwork by Betsy Torres-Hernandez