Boys' Crew FAQs

The following questions and answers are intended to share information about MRHS crew; the questions presented are the ones raised most often by students who are considering rowing in the spring.
Crew offers a unique opportunity to learn to row in a competitive and fun environment. You will be part of one of the largest and most successful rowing programs in New Jersey as you build teamwork, dedication, the drive to succeed and friendships for life. In addition, rowing is known for being a full body workout. Crew athletes row, erg, run, build core strength and lift weights as part of their daily training routine.
Crew is mainly a spring sport. We have a winter season designed to develop athletes who are trying to compete in the top boats, but our main season begins in the spring. We end after the Stotesbury Regatta and encourage our rowers to pursue summer rowing.

Most of the students who join the team have little or no experience prior to their first season. One of the best parts about the sport of rowing is the existence of a separate 'novice' category of racing, for those who have never rowed before. 

Depending upon weather, in the Spring or Fall, our rowers typically practice on the water at John Holland Boathouse in Ventnor. During winter crew as well as on foul weather days, off-water practice will take place at the High School, at a local gym or at the boathouse. Practice on the water can leave rowers wet and cold. It is recommended to layer clothing and avoid loose fitting pants and/or shorts that can get caught in the slide. Recommended clothing can include: long spandex pants, long-sleeve compression shirts, warm layers, water/wind resistant jacket, hat/headband to cover ears, socks, sunscreen and sunglasses. Many of our rowers bring something dry to change into when practice is over.
Rowing is a long established collegiate sport known for developing mental and physical toughness. Mainland rowers have gone onto some great schools in the country and their ability to row and MRHS program have helped get them there. Many schools offer significant scholarship opportunities for both boys and girls who excel in our sport. Recently, MRHS Crew has sent graduates into collegiate rowing programs such as Drexel, Lehigh, Penn, University of Washington, and Temple. We even have a Mainland graduate that became an Olympian!

It's a total experience that immerses you. Here are just a few more reasons:

Rowers are the toughest, most determined athletes you will meet!

  • Rowing is for everyone. Your height and size don't matter. If you are interested in us, we are interested in you.
  • It does not matter if you have never played sports before or have never heard of rowing; we will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Rowing works all muscle groups and burns more calories than any other sport or exercise. It is a sport that demands endurance, strength and skill. It requires consummate teamwork and mental toughness.
  • Many universities offer scholarships for crew. Crew is a growing sport on college campuses. Participating in crew can benefit you as you navigate the college admission process.
  • We feel that by rowing, you become not just a better athlete, but a better student and person as well.
  • The team experience forms very close friendships and helps everyone grow dramatically as people. You learn a sense of responsibility toward your boat mates and team, and this transfers to all aspects of life.