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Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation provides students with an opportunity to sit face to face and talk, uninterrupted, so that each side of the dispute is heard. Some situations are better understood by fellow classmates than by adults. After the problem is defined, information about the conflict and the feelings it creates is exchanged, and various solutions are explored and evaluated. Once an agreement is reached, it is written and signed.  The program is designed to encourage young people to be peacemakers and to resolve disputes nonviolently, while promoting a positive culture within our Mainland School.


Advisors: Mr. Clements & Mrs. Anderson

Mediators: Mainland has 20 trained Peer Mediators ready to help and assist!


The Process:

  1. Once you fill out the form found by clicking here, please send a Teams Message to either Mr. Clements or Mrs. Anderson.
  2. From there, the conflict will be reviewed, and Peer Mediators will be assigned to the dispute/conflict.
  3. A meeting will take place, and, hopefully, will be resolved through effective communication and strategies via our Peer Mediators.
  4. At the end of the meeting, an agreeable contract will be created.