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Mark C. Marrone
Chief School Administrator (Superintendent/Principal)
Kim Robinson
Business Administrator
Secretary to the Board of Education
Javhan O'Neal
Vice Principal
Director of Alternative Education & Student Intervention
ELL Coordinator & Homelessness Liaison
Nathan Lichtenwalner
Vice Principal
Director of School Counseling (Guidance)
Dorsey J. Finn
Coordinator of Planning, Instruction & Evaluation
Director or Technology
Jo-Anne Goldberg
Director of the Child Study Team
District Affirmative Action Officer
Supervisor of Instruction (Special Education)
Michael Gatley
Director of Athletics
Supervisor of Instruction (Physical Education/Health, Dance)
Kristen Lavery
Supervisor of Instruction (Science, World Language)
Beth Steinen
Supervisor of Instruction (English/Language Arts, Social Studies)
Dennis Singleton
Supervisor of Instruction (Mathematics)