Students » Working Papers (A300 Combined Certification Form)

Working Papers (A300 Combined Certification Form)

Please print the working papers BELOW.
  1. Sections (A) Minor's Personal Information (B) Employment Information and (C) Physician's Certification MUST be submitted to the District in order to have your working papers processed.  Be sure to include Social Security Number, Parent Signature, and Employer Signature.  Student signature is required in section (F) 
  2. In addition, proof of the minors age (section D) MUST also be submitted to the District. 

  3. Once sections A, B, and C are complete and you have proof of age documentation (section D), scan or take a picture of the working papers and proof of age documentation. 

  4. Email the working papers and proof of age documentation to [email protected].  (or, if you prefer, we can process in the Main Office)

  5. The District will process working papers electronically, and will email an electronic copy back once complete. 
(If you do not attend MRHS, your school completes section E, including principal’s signature. MRHS completes section F, and files the papers with NJ Dept. of Labor.)