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Athletic Department

Athletic Director: Michael Gatley 609-927-9589
Secretary: Karen Stiteler
Athletic Trainer: Patrick Dioguardo

Every student/athlete at Mainland will be provided with the mental and physical skill-set as well as the appropriate guidance to play at the collegiate level when his/her high school career is completed.

All student/athletes must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse by his/her junior year in high school.

Here is the Eligibility Center's registration website: If you are interested in participating in collegiate athletics at an NCAA Division I or II college or university, you must go to the to register. Watch the following video for further information and the step by step process.

NCAA Eligibility Center Registration Overview: NCAA Eligibility Center Registration Information (Video)
Student/Athletes must also register with the College Board (SAT) and upload their respective scores.


All New: Health & Physical Education Curriculum 2019-20 School Year

Driver's Education: All freshmen will be offered driver's education during the 3rd marking period every year. 

Upper class students will have the privilege of electing courses in Health and Physical Education. These include, but may not be limited to; Advanced Weight Room & Nutrition Concepts, Team Activities, Individual Activities, Fitness Concepts, Recreational and Leisure Activities, and Health & Wellness II.

Detailed information on all of these courses can be found in the MRHS Program of Studies, or by contacting a Health and Physical Education instructor. The department is very excited and cannot wait for the upcoming school year!