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From The Editor. June, 2020

A note from the editor. June 19, 2020. 
Greetings fellow Mustangs! Happy summer! Hoofprints would like to congratulate the entire Class of 2020 on their outstanding achievement this year. It was a joy to watch the entire Mainland Family come together in light of challenging circumstances and continue to do so in order to celebrate our graduates and bring a successful close to this 2019-2020 school year. Hopefully, we will continue to see the lessening of restrictions and we can all come together again, in person, this fall.
The Journalism class and Newspaper Club have been busy at work and this will be a massive update to end the year. First, we are adding a section called "Celebrity and Political Articles". After some lessons and discussions on what makes a great article, the Journalism class decided that celebrities and politics both have the makings of great reading. Students were given the option to write about either subject and did a great job in doing so!
We have all seen this time of quarantine change us in one way or another, and our writers offer some of their own experiences. In their Age of Quarantine articles, students explore what being quarantined meant for them, their studies, families and friends. These articles can be found in the"Farewell 2019-2020" section. 
Lastly, students were given the option to write about pretty much anything they wanted for their final articles. The students proved with their final articles that the desire for social justice is alive and well in the younger generation. They also showed the importance of sports and other activities in our society. You will find something for just about everyone, and these articles will also be in the new "Farewell 2019-20" section.
We hope this update finds you all well and settling in to a New Normal for the summer here at the Jersey shore! Follow us on Instagram (@mrhs_hoofprints) to keep in the know about what is coming up and maybe a special summer "ESY (Extended School Year)" Edition of Hoofprints!
Stay safe, mask up, and keep washing those hands! 
Mr. Kallen