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 Thoughts from your Athletic Director - Mike Gatley:

 Characteristics of a coachable athlete:

  • Being grateful that someone cares enough about you to push you to improve beyond where you would get on your own.
  • Being vulnerable enough to know you are not perfect.
  • Being open to honest feedback (even if it hurts).
  • Working to actively change bad habits.


Un-coachable athletes show certain key behaviors. It does not take long for a coach to spot an un-coachable player, and very rarely can a coach make a player coachable. I have spoken to many coaches during my career, trying to sort out which characteristics made an athlete coachable or un-coachable. Here are some consistent characteristics of an un-coachable athlete.

 Characteristics of an un-coachable athlete:

  • You tend to roll our eyes or take things personally that you should not.
  • You can seem ungrateful even to those who help us most.
  • You read into things more deeply than you should.
  • You often believe everything is about you, not the team.
  • You blame others for your inadequacies

Becoming more coachable is not something that can be achieved with more drills, more reps, or multiple coach-player conferences.  Those are external methods of repair that a coach can implement. A player’s coachability is a mentality that requires diligence and attention from the athlete. In other words: coachability is up to the athlete, not the coach.

Most of the time, athletes do not even know they are un-coachable! It can be a shock to find out that it is not the coach, it is not the team, it isn’t the sport, isn’t the equipment… it’s actually them. Before an athlete can start on the road to becoming more coachable, they first need to understand the benefits of having a coachable mentality.

 At Mainland - WE ARE ALL ABOUT TEAM. We are not interested in who is the leading scorer, leader in assists, who has the most tackles, etc. As I have always said, "every losing team, has a leading scorer." All individual accomplishments will get the appropriate recognition - if the TEAM plays well.