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Wellness FAQs Teachers and Staff

Wellness Team and Wellness Counselor FAQs

Teacher FAQs 

Q: I have urgent concerns about the safety/well-being of a student. What should I do? 

A: If your concern is that the student is possibly being harmed/threatened by someone in their household, call the DCPP Child Abuse Hotline at 877-652-2873. Follow-up by advising your supervisor and the student's guidance counselor of your concerns and about the DCPP contact. 

-IF you are concerned that a student could be at risk to harm themselves, immediately report your concern to the counselor. IF you are unable to make direct contact with the student’s counselor, advise the school counseling (guidance) office staff that you need to connect with a counselor about safety concerns for a student, and either another counselor or a member of the Wellness Team will be located to talk with you. Please do not leave a message or email as way of notifying the counselor – it is important that the student is seen immediately, and messages can go unseen until after students leave for the day, placing the student at risk. 


Q: I have general concerns about a student’s academic progress, behaviors, or well-being. What should I do? 

A: Speak with the student directly and share your concern/offer support and reach out to the parent to collaborate. Check in with the student’s school counselor and any other support staff involved with the student to determine whether this is a concern that has been noted in other classes, and whether there are/have been intervention in place previously. If the student has an IEP or 504, reach out to the student’s CST case manager/504 coordinator. If they do not have an individualized support plan, reach out to the school counselor. 


Q: I’ve collaborated with the student, counselor, and parent, and I still have concerns. What should I do? 

A: If the student does not have an individual plan in place (IEP/504), complete an I & RS referral form through the link on the flowchart. The form is submitted directly to Dr. Kim Spagone, Social Emotional Learning Coordinator. One of the assigned I&RS coordinator's will notify the I&RS team, teachers, student's counselor, and family.

You may also click this link to complete the I&RS referral form via Microsoft Forms. 


Q: I suspect that a student may be under the influence of a substance in school. What should I do? 

A: Contact Kristen Lavery immediately to initiate a “Red Dot” screening. IF Kristen is not available, contact Nate or another administrator. 


Q: I have a student I think may benefit from extra emotional support. What should I do? 

A: If the student has an IEP or 504, consult with the CST case manager or 504 coordinator. If the student does not have an existing individualized support plan, reach out to the student’s counselor or one of the members of the Wellness Team (Marisa Kane, Dr. Kim Spagone, Erika Paisley, and Georgette Nammour).  You can make a direct referral to the Wellness team via our referral form. Click this link to complete a Wellness referral via Microsoft Form.s


Q: What should I do if I suspect a student is being bullied?


      A: We want all students to feel safe in school, and all incidents of suspected bullying are taken seriously. Please click here (Harrassment, Intimidation & Bullying – Students – Mainland Regional High School) to find information about Mainland’s Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying policy, contacts, ways to report, and other helpful information contained in the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. If you have any questions about bullying, please feel free to reach out to Anti-bullying Specialist Marisa McDole ([email protected]), Anti-bullying Coordinator Dr. Kim Spagone ([email protected]), or Assistant Principal  Stephanie Wroniuk ([email protected]). To report an incident of suspected bullying, please complete the HIB Reporting Form (Harrassment, Intimidation & Bullying – Students – Mainland Regional High School). You can save the form and email this form directly to Mrs. Wroniuk, or drop it off in the Assistant Principal’s office. The form contains all of the information that will allow Mrs. Wroniuk, Mrs. McDole, and Dr. Spagone to determine how to proceed.


Q: I’d like to talk with someone about an idea on how to support my student(s) in class. What should I do? 


A: You’re always welcome to stop in to see any member of the Wellness Team or school counselors. We’d be happy to brainstorm ideas with you!


Wellness Counselor and Student Intervention as a support for Faculty & Staff: FAQ  


Q: How is the Wellness Counselor a support for teachers and staff?   


A: The Wellness Counselor can meet 1:1 with any teachers or staff member.  A wellness 1:1 meeting with the Wellness Counselor can address such needs as, but not limited, to stress management, self-care, emotional and health wellness, or requests for referrals for outside supports.  

There will also be a focus developing specific Wellness programs that will be available virtual live, in-person, or available online to review at your convenience. Topics are planned but suggestions or requests are highly encouraged.    


Q: What would a 1:1 discussion/meeting look like with the Wellness Counselor, is it confidential?   

A: You can stop in to see the Wellness counselor for any needs you have related to your health & wellness. Meetings are confidential with the same limits to confidentiality as any visit to supportive professional. The Wellness counselor will address any needs in meetings that are within access to the Wellness Center and if outside sources are more appropriate, will assist with connecting you to the right resources.   


**Meetings are confidential with the same limits to confidentiality as any visit to a supportive a professional. There are limits to confidentiality that exist to maintain safety. Limits to confidentiality include a report to harm self or harm someone else, or a report of abuse or neglect, in these cases we are mandated to report this information for safety of the person reporting and/or others.


Q: How can I contact the Wellness Counselor for an appointment or with questions?   


A: You can make an appointment with Wellness Counselor through this link (add link). If you would like to participate in a meeting or program information will be sent to teachers and staff with the various ways to access resources and dates for in person meetings (in-person, live online, or via online review). You are always able to stop by the Wellness Counselor's office in guidance or send an email with questions. The Wellness Counselor is only available during school hours. If this is an emergency outside of school hours call 911. 




Q: How is the Student Intervention Counselor a support to teachers and staff?