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FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)


The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) club here at Mainland is a student lead club that encourages athletes of Christian faith to come together for regular meetings, called “huddles” once a week.   Any athlete who is interested is invited to attend.  Students lead various discussions, topics, videos, current events etc.… It is not church or bible study….but a relaxed atmosphere where all students are welcome to sit, have lunch, eat, and talk freely about what’s going on in our school and with each other. Ultimately concluding each huddle with what the Bible says about how we should live out our faith in Christ in our school, athletics, family, our community and with each other.   Through the help of advisors, FCA club plans and participates in various community service events, looks to help and serve our fellow teams and athletes, fun sports night outside of school, movie night, bowling, volleyball tournaments etc. with other FCA groups from other area high schools, and attend FCA sport and leadership camps in the summer.

Number of meetings:  Once a week

Advisor: Patrick Dioguardo