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Montage (Yearbook)


The goals and objectives for this club extend far beyond this school year.  The yearbook club is journalistic in nature and allows students to participate in the production of the school yearbook. Our main goal is to create wonderful memories which you will have on hand for a lifetime.  We will work cooperatively to design, construct, and review the yearbook, which is a challenging and rewarding task.  We will work closely with the school photographer to compile pictures from all school events.  Students in this club will become proficient in developing layout designs and creating copy, captions, and headlines. Individual responsibility is essential toward completion of deadlines. Students will also have the opportunity to accept leadership positions and develop new skills as they build the yearbook.

Number of meetings: As needed, which at times is daily  


Ms. Becky McDevitt
[email protected]

Rebecca McDevitt

Mr. Jim O'Kane
[email protected]

James O'Kane