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Tutoring Information

The following teachers from Mainland Regional High School are available to tutor students in various subject areas. These teachers do charge a fee for this service. Please contact each teacher individually as noted below.
Foreign Language
Tutor- Ms. Jennifer Makowski
Contact Info/Phone-
Language Arts-
Tutor-Ms. Karen Williams
Subject- SAT, Reading, Writing and College Essay Writing
Contact Info/Phone-
Tutor- Mr. Jim O'Kane
Subject- College Essay work and mentoring
Contact Info/Phone-
Tutor- Mrs. Betson
Subject-All levels of math and SAT math
Contact Info/ Phone-
Tutor- Mrs. Katie Foreman
Subject-All levels of math and SAT math
Contact Infor/ Phone- 
Tutor- Mrs. Sher
Subject- Math
Contact Info/Phone-
Tutor- Mr. Bob Coffey
Subject- Chemistry
Contact Info/Phone-
Tutor- Mr. D'amore
Subject- Chemistry Physics Physical Science
Contact Info/Phone- 609-927-4151  fd'
Tutor- Mrs. Feld
Subject- Special Education: Chemistry and Biology
Contact Info/Phone-